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The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt

August 19, 2022
Admittedly, Frankfurt isn't that fashionable a city. While it's a major financial hub, not just in Germany but the entire world, it's not necessarily a trend-setting metropolis. Nevertheless, there are certain looks and aesthetics that Frankfurt has embraced. Take interior design, for example. Minimalism is pretty popular among the chic residents of the city. Meanwhile, more and more people are designing their homes in the Scandinavian style. If you ever relocate to Frankfurt, you'll want to dress up your own space according to these chic interior design styles.

The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern aesthetic is likely what Mad Men's Don Draper's apartment would look like if he lived in the 21st century. A vintage touch for that masculine appeal but modernized to fit today's contemporary tastes. Though, this isn't to say that the mid-century modern interior design style is exclusive to men. Women can have their hand at feminizing this look for themselves. But in a city like Frankfurt, where the job market is filled with big business and big finance, such an aesthetic feels fitting. You can easily imagine a big-time banker going home to such a luxury apartment.
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt


As the major financial hub of Germany, most locals in Frankfurt prefer a clean and unfussy aesthetic. Elegant enough to earn the praise of onlookers but not too opulent that it's borderline garish. So within this environment, it's no surprise that minimalism is one of the most popular interior design styles in Frankfurt. This look offers up contemporary sophistication easily. It elevates the space all while retaining a clean and crisp look. And the maximization of space is also a welcome feature for those who just want to relax and breathe in their homes after a hard day's work.
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt


In many ways, minimalism and Scandinavian are pretty similar. Both promote simplicity and maximize space. However, what separates the two is that the latter encourages a more organic and natural feel. It's a refreshing aesthetic that can make anyone feel more relaxed at first glance. And this is what locals in Frankfurt need! The fact that Germany is already close to some Scandinavian countries makes it inevitable that the region's signature aesthetic has become popular here. But beyond that, Frankfurt remains a bustling metropolis where stress is commonplace. Wouldn't a Scandi interior help rejuvenate you when you go home?
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt

Asian Zen

And speaking of relaxing, the Asian Zen interior design style has also made its way to Frankfurt. After all, many who live and work here are businessmen/women who travel worldwide. It's not surprising that many of them were influenced by the different aesthetics of the places they've visited. The Asian Zen look takes its inspiration from various countries in the East. There's the feng shui of China, the organic appeal of Japan, and even the symmetry of Korea. All in all, this interior design style aims to make the place look more balanced, allowing for better relaxation and a bit of good luck!
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt

Art Deco

Now, let's get a little more glamorous! First up, there's the Art Deco interior design. Popular in famous cities like London and Paris, it's not that surprising that this aesthetic is also trendy in Frankfurt. It's an 'old money' type of look, perfect for a financial hub of one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Moreover, the symmetry of Art Deco is probably what captivated the Germans. These people are known to be strict and straightforward (at least, for the most part!), after all. An aesthetic that embraces uniformity and consistency fits them well!
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt

Hollywood Glam

Contrary to what you might think, the Hollywood Glam interior design style isn't all that flashy. There might be some gilding here and there, but overall, it takes its influences from the Art Deco style of the early 20th century. This was the 'Golden Age of Hollywood,' after all. In any case, the most distinct elements of the Hollywood Glam aesthetic are the symmetry of Art Deco, high contrast of colors, and fascinating textiles. A woman's bedroom can have both a quilted headboard by the bed and a furry ottoman chair for her makeup table.
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt
Source: RawPixel


After looking at Frankurt, with all its interesting neighborhoods and exciting sights, it shouldn't surprise you that the traditional interior design is popular here. Germans, like most Europeans, tend to preserve classic aesthetics. And this is true in their homes as it is in Old Town districts, museums, churches, government buildings, and more. Traditional elegance remains a popular and trendy style here in Frankfurt. Think wall and ceiling trims, hard-wood floors, hanging chandeliers, and a fireplace in the living room. Though mostly modernized nowadays, the aesthetic makes you think that you're in 18th or 19th century Europe.
The Trendy Interior Design Styles in Frankfurt

Don't let your home in Frankfurt be left behind! when you dress it up, for the trendy interior design styles in the city. Not only are they gorgeous in their own right, but they'll make you feel like you have a high-class home yourself!

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