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The Popular Interior Design Styles in London

June 30, 2022
If you're moving to London, you gotta dress to impress. And it's just with your outfits either! The British capital is one of the chicest cities in the world. It's an influential fashion capital, a centra artistic hub, and a place where many trends and fads start. Isn't it only natural that your luxury home here looks just as good too? In order to achieve this, you'd do well to follow the popular interior design styles in London. Whether you go for modern or minimalism, classic Georgian or retro chic, your place will definitely make a good impression on anyone you invite over!

The Popular Interior Design Styles in London

Classic Georgian

'Classic,' or 'Traditional,' looks different in various countries. At least, in terms of interior design. In the US, for instance, it's all about the turn of the century style, complete with hints of Victorian and Neoclassical aesthetics. In the UK, on the other hand, particularly in London where the Queen lives, it's all about the Georgian grandeur. It's scaled down, of course, unless you want to look like you're living in a Jane Austen novel. This particular interior design style is all about the high ceilings, paneled walls, and a grand fireplace as the pièce de résistance. As for the colors, you can either go all neutral with beiges and off-whites or go daring with baroque tones of burgundy, sage green, or teal.
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London

Mock Tudor

Now, what if you want to go even further back in time? London is quite a historic city, after all. It'd make sense if you go for an interior design style that's practically part of the old world. And what's more 'old world' than the Tudor era? Design your home as if you're Henry VIII by covering it in dark oak tiles, furnished with plush velvet, and keeping the color tone somber yet neutral. Admittedly, it can look rather depressing and overwhelming to today's brighter and simpler tastes, but you can't deny its richness either. This interior design style perfectly encapsulates the class and heritage of London!
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London

Art Deco

Still going the historic route? Why not go a little more contemporary with Art Deco? After all, the city still has its fair share of architectural marvels designed with this very aesthetic. It's only natural that its interiors bear the same style too! Coincidentally, Art Deco is also undeniably luxurious, suitable for such a glamorous city like the British capital. Yet despite that, you'd be surprised at how easy it is to achieve this interior design style! Just focus on geometric symmetry, bold and rich colors, and lots of gilded and glass details for that decadent shine.
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London

Retro Chic

The 'Swingin' Sixties' further defined London as a tour de force in pop culture. Think Beatlemania, the youthquake, the hippie movement, and more. The 1960s were such a distinctly fun and cool time that many locals in the city want to relive it. And they do so by decorating their homes in retro chic interior design styles. When you visit trendy districts like Chelsea and SoHo, you'll find that many of the flats there look as if time stopped in the 60s. There are psychedelic patterns, rich colors, and even a few nods to the space age. Groovy!
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London


As historic of a city as London is, however, no one can deny that the British capital is also extremely modern. It's a place that constantly looks forward to the future, whether it's about politics, science, art, fashion, and of course, interior design. For the latter, there's no doubt that the modern aesthetic has dominated most of the neighborhoods in London. And it's probably because it's fairly easy to do. This look is all about neutral tones, sleek furniture, and maximizing spaces. Some would add lots of chromatic touches for a more futuristic sheen to it too.
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London


Many people constantly get minimalism and the modern style mixed up. It's not that surprising considering that both interior design styles do share similarities. They're both about uplifting simplicity and maximizing space, among many others. But the start difference between the two is that depending on various details, minimalism can just as easily look vintage. Remember that minimalism, at its core, is all about going back to the bare essentials. And part of that can include classic furniture that isn't as ornate. Or even historic works of art that blend well with a simple space.
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London


When you relocate to London, you'll notice that the here is more colorful than you anticipated. The British capital is, after all, as much of a bohemian hub as it is the home of the elite. In places like Notting Hill, Shoreditch, and Camden, free spirits run wild. And if you bought your property in the UK in any of these areas, going for a bohemian interior design style will suit you best. This particular look is all about textures and patterns. Not to mention colors too! Put in as many as you want as long as everything looks complete.
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London


Do you what's another great interior design style for your home? Eclectic! Remember that London is one of the world's finest art capitals. It's a creative hub through and through and many homes here reflect that. If you're one to go for a diverse and quirky aesthetic, the eclectic interior design style will suit you just fine. This look champions putting all sorts of design elements together, harmonizing them to complete one dazzling design. You can paint the walls in bold and bright colors. Mix prints and patterns together however you like. And add all sorts of textures to make the space feel multi-dimensional.
The Popular Interior Design Styles in London

You're gonna have to keep up with your interior design if you want to live in such a stylish city like London! When you're decorating your own home here, these amazing interior design styles will definitely do!

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