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The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

April 01, 2020
Plants not only freshen up a room, but it also brightens up the place as well. Think, for a sec, a room without a plant? Can't your see how dull it looks and feels? That everything inside it are just concrete, metal, wood, plastic, and nothing more. There's no natural goodness to it? This is why plants are effective decorative features. They add a bit of natural beauty to every room, no matter the style of the interior design or the space provided. Even the tiniest plant makes a difference. But which ones should you go for? Here are a few good ones!

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home


Bamboo Palm

Let's start with something a little bit exotic, bamboo palms. Add a little bit of Asian influence into your room by adding in this beautiful plant that just reminds you of panda bears eating them in the forest. And as much as you'd want these black-and-white furry critters to stumble unto your room for a nibble, your bamboo palm is just there to complete your roo's look. It works best with minimal design, adding an Eastern dimension to the aesthetic without going overboard. Since they're mostly tall plants, it's also better to place your bamboo palms by a corner. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Source: Flickr.com/Luke Stehr


Chinese Evergreen

Speaking of Asian influences, a Chinese evergreen can be a nice touch too. Its beautiful leaves bring about a certain air to your room that you can't even explain. It's just pure class. That beautiful mix of light and dark green provides such a pleasant aesthetic. So much so that the plant can fit anywhere in the house. Even in the bathroom! And this is because it thrives in humid spaces. So even in the tightest of spaces in your house, this plant will still live and brighten up the place. Just don't forget to mist the leaves every now and then to maintain that beautiful green sheen. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Source: Wikimedia Commons



Now for some color! If you really want your plant to brighten up the place, for the colorful chrysanthemum flowers. Their beautifully shaded petals will accent your rooms perfectly, especially those corresponding to the color of the flower. And if you set it somewhere overtaken by a natural palette, these flowers will definitely be the center of attention. The great thing about them is they don't overwhelm the eye. Wherever you place the plant, it will turn out looking gentle and peaceful, not garnish nor extravagant. Perhaps it's because their petals are small. Either way, just don't forget to give it plenty of sunlight too! 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home


Dragon Tree

If you want an impactful plant, the dragon tree is right up your alley. Its spikey leaves yet thin branches make sit quite the visual viewpoint. It emits the exotic spirit of Bali, Phuket, and the like. Now, placing this tree anywhere in your house might be tricky. Of course, it will work in your living room, especially if you gave it a rustic makeover. The plant will simply emphasize that style even more. But it's not as suitable in the bedroom or your study, places where you have to focus and relax. Because of its distinct appearance, the dragon tree can prove to be quite distracting at times. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home


Gerber Daisy

Up for another colorful plant? Gerber daisies are pleasant flowers to have anywhere.  They're pretty and sweet, perfect for your playroom or your daughter's room (just make sure to place it properly in a place where she won’t reach it. If you plan to put them in your living room, choose a nice vase to set them up on the coffee table. Just make sure to water them often! And if you want to put some in the kitchen, make sure you place them a good distance away from your stove. These daisies are gentle and delicate, the moment the steams from whatever it is that you're cooking hits them, their freshness disappears. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home


English Ivy

Something slightly strange yet still pretty enough to work for most of your house is the English ivy. Apart from its detoxifying qualities, the pointedly-shaped plant gives off a classically intense appeal. It's why Victorians love putting them in their own homes. You’ll even see them decorating a lot of tea houses in London and the like! If you want to recreate their interior looks and modernize them for your own house, the English ivy is the way to go. It is best, however, to set them up by the window so they'd get plenty of sunlight. You'll also need to water them many times a day to keep them fresh. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home


Peace Lily

By this time, you've probably realized that many of these plants require constant watering. Well, of course, what did you expect? There's no plant that doesn't need watering, all living things need it to live. However, there is one beautiful option that doesn't require watering that often. And it's the beautiful peace lily. With its gentle appearance, you'd think this will need frequent watering the most, but nope. You'll only have to water it once a week and it'll remain fresh and vibrant for your room all the time. And they look the most beautiful with sleek glass vases holding them up. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home


Weeping Fig

Despite its name, you won't be weeping once you put a weeping fig in your house. This serene green adds a touch of emotion to your room as if you're conveying the mood with it. It's no wonder that Victorians also loved decorating their grand mansions with it. You’d see them in mansions in Nottingham, York, and the like. They add a certain romanticism that's slightly severe yet gentle at the same time. Though it could be tricky deciding where to put it. By the corner is good since most weeping figs are big enough. However, they also work in your front yard, the first your guests will see when they visit your place. 

The Best Plants to Brighten Up Your Home

Source: Flickr.com/ Jennifer Snyder


Brighten up the rooms in your house with any of these beautiful plants. A touch of flora never hurt anybody, and in fact, they will even freshen up your home to make living there better and more pleasant. 






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