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The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre

August 07, 2022
Although Paris, as a whole, is an exceptional food capital, Montmartre is a particular stand-out. Not only because this neighborhood is already trendy and chic in its own right, but the hotspots here really are something else. Particularly the bistros! If you're up for some casual dining in Paris, consider going to any of the noteworthy bistros in Montmartre. There are Polissons, Sacrée Fleur, Le Café de la Poste, and Babalou, to name a few. These are the restaurants that don't just serve incredible food, but also provide a vibe that's quintessentially Parisian. It's a culinary experience you shouldn't miss in the French capital!

The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre


If you're up for some Italian here in the 18th arrondissement, look no further than Babalou on Rue Lamarck. You won't miss this deep plum exterior even from a mile away! And when you get inside, you'll notice that the bistro looks more like someone's living room than a standard restaurant. It's as if you were invited to eat at your Italian friend's family home and the food will push that illusion even further. From creative pizza pies to fresh pasta made with seasonal ingredients, this Montmartre bistro offers up authentic Italian cuisine. It's almost as if you're dining in Rome instead of in Paris!
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Babalou Montmartre Facebook Page


If you're more into French cuisine, however, then Polissons on Rue Ramey is one of your best bets! One of the finest bistros in Montmartre, it's the kind of popular hotspot that both locals and tourists head to come lunchtime. And it helps that the place isn't all that expensive. Lunch menus will only cost you around €21.00 to €23.00 while dinner sets are around €65.00 per person. Not bad considering that the food here are just as good as those served in the Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. Roast veal or fillet of trout, anyone?
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Polissons Facebook Page

Sacrée Fleur

Located only a hop and a skip away from Sacré-Cœur, the iconic Paris landmark that inspired this bistro's name, Sacrée Fleur is all about the beef. From filet mignon to Entrecôte, this is the place in Montmarte you want to eat at if you're up for some flavorful meat. And don't worry, the prices aren't all that high here! Sacrée Fleur's most expensive item on their a'la carte menu is 1.5 kilograms of beef rib, priced at €86.00. Moreover, the place also serves some of the more exotic French delicacies like frog legs and escargot. You'll really need to be adventurous if you want to eat here!
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Sacrée fleur restaurant - Montmarte Facebook Page

Aux Dés Calés 18

With its relaxing terrace area and quilted crimson seating, Aux Dés Calés 18 looks like the quintessential bistro in Paris. It's the kind of place you'll see featured in films set in the French capital, where characters chat in between sips of red wine and slices of baguette. But don't worry! The food here is just as good as the ambiance suggests. A plate of La côte de bœuf, for instance, will fill you up even before your second glass of wine. Their burgers, on the other hand, bring out the humbler and more down-to-earth vibe of the Parisian district.
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Aux Dés Calés 18

Le Café de la Poste

Among the many cafes in Paris, Le Café de la Poste in Montmartre is a pretty relaxing hotspot. For one thing, apart from the hot cups of coffee that you can enjoy here, their comfort food can really soothe your soul. Not to mention your stomach too! An omelet is enough to fill you up in the morning, but doesn't a croissant egg sandwich sound just as good for brunch? And what if you're stricter with your diet? Would this cafe's Ceasar's Salad do? You bet it will! They make it just as healthy and flavorful as you remember it!
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Cafe de la Poste 18 Facebook Page

La Mère Catherine

Bistros in Paris, especially those in Montmartre, are arguably better for dinner. Take La Mère Catherine on Place du Tertre, for instance. At first glance, it looks like the typical red-colored hotspot that you've come to expect in this Paris neighborhood. But come sundown, when everything lights up, there's a whole new energy that excited you. Suddenly, you're in the Paris that you've seen in movies and on TV. The lively atmosphere, the amazing food, and the joie de vivre are all here! And speaking of its food, you can't beat its Parisian staples like egg-enthused foie gras or salmon served with baguette!
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Павел Котов

Pizza Mancini

Just as its name says, Montmartre's Pizza Mancini is all about the famous Italian pie. And you can bet that what they serve here will delight even the restricted Italians! What's great about this place is that they're not so fussy about what they serve. Though they prepare all their pizza pies with the utmost care, the taste and the vibe aren't so complicated. They look and taste just as good as you'd expect. So much so that instead of a bistro in Paris, you'd wish you were eating your Pizza Mancini-made pie with a bottle of beer at home.
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Pizza Mancini

Bistrot Chez Soi

When you try to imagine what bistros in Paris must look and feel like, Bistrot Chez Soi is what might come to mind. This chic hotspot on Avenue de Saint-Ouen offers up a complete meal you won't soon forget. Start with a cheese platter to share with friends, each slice or cube more tantalizing than the next. For your entree, some salmon tartare with citrus fruits will whet your appetite even further, to a point that you can't wait for your main course any longer. And then comes some pretty extraordinary dishes like grilled French steak, duck leg confit, or the pasta of the moment! What's not to love?
The 8 Chicest Bistros in Montmartre
Source: Bistrot Chez Soi

If you're in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and you're already starving, consider eating at any of the chicest bistros in Montmartre. They may be small, compact, and oftentimes crowded, but they're definitely worth your while!

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