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The Most Influential of Italy's Fashion Magazines

April 02, 2022
It's no secret that Italy's influence over fashion remains ever-relevant! The country has put forth some of the world's most famous designer brands and continues to be a force in the luxury retail business. Not to mention the many attention-grabbing style stars they've produced, ranging from A-list Hollywood celebrities to social media influencers. Though they've reigned over the fashion industry for years, the rest of the world still pays attention to what they have to say. And they often do that by reading Itay's fashion magazines, especially the big names like Vogue Italia, Grazia, and more.

The Most Influential of Italy's Fashion Magazines

Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia is the most forward-thinking franchise of the iconic fashion publication. Far from what American and French publications offer, this magazine often goes out of the box with its editorials and spreads. So much so that they've even gotten into all sorts of controversies because of them. For Vogue Italia, there's more to being a top Italian fashion magazine than trend reports and best-dressed lists. They push the boundaries of what fashion can do and represent, often taking the most artistic and daring routes when it comes to their imagery. To this day, this franchise remains unrivaled. Source: Vogue Italia Instagram Page

L’Uomo Vogue

Though it's technically part of Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue deserves a separate mention on this list. There's no other Italian men's fashion magazine out there quite like this one. It's not just that they include the latest menswear trends and fads in their fashion spreads, but they also dive deeper into what it means to dress impeccably as a man. In many cases, they even put forth arguments regarding men's fashion, masculinity, and the like. For a field that's mostly dominated by women and has long been considered a feminine area, L’Uomo Vogue aims to go beyond these stereotypes and offer men a safe space to express themselves through fashion. Source: Vogue Italia Instagram Page

Harper's Bazaar Italia

Just like its American counterpart, Harper's Bazaar Italia covers mainstream fashion and pop culture. It's the kind of eye-catching glossy you'll find in bookstores, the dentist's office, and great reading material for your guests in your luxury home. Though what they present isn't as deep as in the other Italian fashion magazines on this list, they still mirror the zeitgeist of the moment. They report on the latest runway trends, present forecasts of what people will wear in upcoming seasons, and present celebrity style, both on the red carpet and in their everyday lives. Source: Harper's Bazaar Italia Instagram Page


Grazia started out as a women's magazine in 1938. Since then, it has grown into an international publication with different editions all around the world. In many ways, you could say that Grazia is Italy's own version of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. And it continues the traditions these fashion publications set forth at the turn of the 20th century. Ever since 1938, Grazia has consistently covered topics relevant to women. Of course, fashion remains at the forefront, but over the years, the magazine has also started covering pop culture, lifestyle, and even social issues. These days, it has even dipped its toes on politics too! Source: Grazia Italia Instagram Page

IO Donna

Many of Italy's fashion magazines tend to lean towards the international audience. Coverage of Hollywood red carpets and pop culture issues stand proof of that. However, IO Donna takes a more local approach when it comes to their authority on fashion and beyond. Although this Italian glossy also covers international news, trends, and the like, they mostly center their headlines, editorials, and think pieces on local Italian and European events. From what people wear on the streets of Milan to the beauty trends in the Mediterranean, Italians are likely to trust this magazine more than the others. Source: IO Donna Instagram Page

Donna Moderna

From what started out as a typical Italian glossy that's all about style and fashion, Donna Moderna has reinvented itself for the 21st century. Today, though it still largely focuses on fashion trends, runway shows, and the best-dressed on the red carpet, it also pushed various women's issues to the forefront. They tackle everything from sexuality to human rights, becoming an authoritative voice for women who seek to know more about the social issues their gender is facing today. And in many ways, this has made Donna Moderna truly a fashion magazine for the modern woman. Source: Donna Moderna Instagram Page

MF Fashion

Want to more about the business side of fashion in Italy? Look no further than MF Fashion. More than just a regular publication among Italy's fashion magazines, MF Fashion reports on everything about what's happening in the industry. They go beyond the fashion runways and red carpets. They let you know who's running the show in Italian designer brands, luxury labels, and more. Not to mention the economic situation in various local fashion industries around the world. While the other fashion magazines on this list are more for the public, MF Fashion is more for the insiders who want to know about the current state of the business. Source: MF Fashion Instagram Page

Italy's fashion magazines are some of the best publications in the world. Not only do they present style forecasts, the best-dressed celebrities, and the like, but they also constantly push the industry forward into newer, bolder, and more exciting directions.

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