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The Most Unique Father's Day Traditions from Around The World

May 29, 2022
Although there are some holidays that the world celebrates together, each country has its own traditions. Be it Christmas, Easter Sunday, and many more, the way one part of the world celebrates the holiday is completely different from another. This rings true for Father's Day too! They drink beer in Germany, give flowers in Thailand, and go fishing in South Africa, among many others. These and more other countries prove that there are multiple ways to spend time and show love to your dad on his special day. But what are the reasons behind such Father's Day traditions? Here's what you need to know!

The Most Unique Father's Day Traditions from Around The World

Drown in Beer - Germany

Everyone knows that beer is a major staple in Germany. Even during its many holidays and festivals, like Oktoberfest and the Stuttgart Beer Festival, Germans love the stuff! And it's no different on Father's Day too. More than just celebrating your old man, Germany commemorates Father's Day by letting dads go wild and out. Most of the time, this includes drinking beer all day long. On this one Sunday of the year, dads all over the country drink beer with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As well as a few pints in the afternoon and later at night too!

Enjoy Seafood and Beer - Japan

Beer is also a heavy favorite among dads in Japan as well. Here in the 'land of the rising sun,' Father's Day weekend is all about beer and seafood. Little kids even craft their fathers' beer glasses/mugs, as well as other Father's Day gifts like cards, sweets, and more. And come dinnertime, dads are treated to a hotpot filled with fresh and scrumptious seafood. Expect a lot of crabs and prawns on the dinner table, as well as some sushi and sashimi. By the end of the day, fathers all over Japan have gained a few pounds!

The Most Unique Father's Day Traditions from Around The World

Indulge in Cake and Coffee - Finland

While dinnertime is the main feast on Father's Day, it's the exact opposite in Finland. In this Scandivanian city, the Father's Day tradition is to treat your old man to breakfast in bed. Normally, you do this to your mom on Mother's Day, right? Well, Finnish kids do it to their dads too. They specifically prepare cakes and coffee for this very occasion, as well as a few other pastries. And it's more common to make it all themselves instead of going for store-bought treats. This way, they can fully express their love and respect for their fathers.

Give Flowers To Your Dads - Thailand

Giving bouquets of flowers is more of a Mother's Day tradition, isn't it? It's highly likely your mom will appreciate them more than your dad. But in Thailand, however, it's the other way around. Don't wrack your brain on Father's Day gift ideas if you're celebrating the holiday in this Southeast Asian country. According to their culture, the one thing you should give your dad on this day is a yellow canna flower. Why? Because it symbolizes King Bhumibol, the late king of Thailand. In fact, rather than in June, Thailand celebrates Father's Day on the late king's birthday, which is on December 5th. It's one of the most important holidays in the country.

The Most Unique Father's Day Traditions from Around The World

The Gokarna Aunsi Celebration - Nepal

Father's Day is celebrated differently in another Asian country too—Nepal. Here, the holiday is referred to as Gokarna Aunsi, or the 'Cow earned no moon night.' Celebrated on the final day of summer, it's more of a solemn occasion compared to how other countries regard Father's Day. They even do their own unique rituals too! On Gokarna Aunsi, daughters place their heads on their fathers' hands while sons place their heads on their fathers' feet. It's a sign of admiration and respect for the most important man in their lives.

Join The Race - Mexico

Father's Day in Mexico is commemorated with a huge race. Or at least, that's the tradition here in Mexico City, the country's capital. Called the 'Carrera del Dia del Padre,' dads from all over the city gather to go on a half-marathon. In some local iterations in various provinces and cities throughout the country, they even turn it into a father-and-son race, making for a great bonding activity between parents and their children. And at the end of the race, dads get treated to traditional Mexican feasts that will likely double their belt sizes before the day is through!

The Most Unique Father's Day Traditions from Around The World

Go Fishing - South Africa

Since South Africa is a country full of natural wonders, it's no surprise that their unique Father's Day tradition is nature-bound. Year after year, dads and their kids go fishing on this special holiday. It's a great activity for some father-and-son bonding, as well as a perfect Father's Day date for dads and their daughters. Many of them do it early in the morning when there are fewer people in the ponds and lakes. And come lunchtime, they enjoy packed lunches on their boats or hold picnics nearby. Sounds like a good time, doesn't it?

Put Out The Skeletons - Uruguay

Now here's a Father's Day tradition that's truly one of a kind! In the South American country of Uruguay, people honor their fathers by hanging skeletons outside their homes. And no, it's not a joke! The skeletons represent Padre Esqueleto, a mythological figure in the country that's likely akin to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. As far as Uruguayan culture is concerned, this skeleton represents the dads in the country. And because of him, various houses in Uruguay look like they're celebrating Halloween instead of Father's Day. Talk about unique!

The Most Unique Father's Day Traditions from Around The World

How you celebrate Father's Day doesn't just differ from family to family. There are certain countries that have their own unique traditions during this special holiday. You'd be surprised at how they express their love for their fathers during this day!

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