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Five Pubs in Paris Where You Can Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad

May 30, 2022
If you're celebrating Father's Day in Paris this year, why not take him out to a pub? There's nothing like relaxing with your old man with great drinks, right? And while Paris is more known for its cafes and bistros, the city also has its fair share of great pubs. You'll especially want to take them to hotspots like Moonshiner, the Experimental Cocktail Club, Mabel Paris, Le Tagada Bar, and 10 BAR Odéon. Not only are they great places to hang out, but your dad will definitely like their vibes, their atmosphere, and of course, their drinks!

Five Pubs in Paris Where You Can Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad


Paris has many great chic speakeasies and Moonshiner on rue Sedaine is one of them! Inspired by the 1930s Prohibition era, the old-world vibe of this pub will certainly charm your dad's pants off. Especially if he's into old black and white movies, specifically the film noir genre. If your old man is a fan of the likes of Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney, he'll definitely enjoy his time in this nostalgia-inducing hotspot. And of course, he'll likely fall in love with the cocktails they serve here. One sip and he'll be letting his own inhibitions loose in no time!
Five Pubs in Paris Where You Can Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad
Source: Moonshiner Facebook Page

Experimental Cocktail Club

Located on Rue Saint-Sauveur in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, the Experimental Cocktail Club is a reserved and chill nightlife spot where your old man can relax and have fun. When your dad has reached a certain age, he won't be into lively nightclubs and noisy bars anymore. Instead, he'll appreciate calmer settings, ones where he can sit back and enjoy a nice drink. The Experimental Cocktail Club is that kind of place. The rustic interior houses an intimate setting made up of plush upholstered seating and an old-school wooden bar. What's not to love? Source: Experimental Cocktail Club Instagram Page

Mabel Paris

Now, on your Father's Day date, great drinks might not be enough. Well-crafted cocktails are all well and good, but if your old man is a certified foodie, it'll take more than alcohol to impress him! So if you're looking for a pub in Paris that'll truly keep your dad on his toes, take him to Mabel Paris on Rue d'Aboukir. This place is known for its amazing sandwiches even though it's a pub. Think Croque Monsuier that's rich and flavorful, grilled cheese sandwiches made with the finest French cheese, and more! One bite and your dad will instantly fall in love!
Five Pubs in Paris Where You Can Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad
Source: Mabel Paris

Le Tagada Bar

Le Tagada Bar is a famous hotspot in Montmartre that, at first glance, looks more geared towards a younger crowd. Students and yuppies do frequent the pub, so it's only natural for your old man to feel like his out of place if you take him here on Father's Day. However, don't let that stop you! Since the place is often busy on weekends, you can always take your dad here for a pre-Father's Day date. When it's less busy, you'll both find that this famously crimson-colored pub has a pretty chill atmosphere, delicious food, and great drinks. What more could you ask for than that?
Five Pubs in Paris Where You Can Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad
Source: Le Tagada Bar Facebook Page

10 BAR Odéon

And finally, there's 10 BAR Odéon on Rue de l'Odéon! Located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, it's a great pub with a nice terrace area that you and your dad shouldn't miss. Especially when it's Father's Day. If you take your old man here, he'll sooner regard it as one of his favorite spots in Paris. Why? Because this place is all about sangria, whiskey, and French cheese. These are all things that your dad will likely enjoy for his Father's Day meal. Add to that the pleasant atmosphere of 10 BAR Odéon's terrace area and you've got a memorable night ahead!
Five Pubs in Paris Where You Can Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Dad
Source: 10 BAR Odéon

There's arguably no better way to celebrate Father's Day in Paris with your dad than to have some drinks in a pub. Fortunately, the French capital has a lot of these hotspots that are perfect for you and your old man!

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