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Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

June 02, 2022
Despite how busy and crowded it is, New York remains a romantic city through and through. There's a reason why many rom-coms and romance novels are set here. There's just something about the Big Apple that makes you want to fall in love. Or, for couples who are visiting or moving here, New York can help strengthen their relationship even further. But before all else, you need to find the right luxury home for you! 'Home is where the heart is' after all so you'd do well to pick a place you can call your own in this bustling metropolis. Perhaps any of these is the one?

Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

Columbus Terrace

Picture it: you and your special someone hanging out on your rooftop terrace as the sun sets and the entire city drowns in towns of twilight. Doesn't that sound like a scene straight out of a rom-com? Well, it can easily be your life if you decide to rent this gorgeous Columbia Terrace apartment in New York City. The apartment alone is homely and gentle, complete with pristine white walls, fine wooden finishes everywhere, and more. But all of that fades away when you step out unto the botanical oasis that is the rooftop deck.
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

Bedford Townhouse

What makes the Bedford Townhouse in Brooklyn such a romantic luxury home in New York is that it has the illusion of seclusion. In such a crowded city like the Big Apple, practically nothing would be more romantic than a quiet and serene retreat for you and your partner. And since this townhouse is in a residential neighborhood in New York, you already have peace. But the cherry on top is how the trees sort of provide a beautiful barrier between the home and the outside world.
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

3rd Place

How's about a hint of American Colonial interior design to really bring out the romance? Once you step foot inside this luxury home in New York, you'll feel as if you traveled back in time. Fine craftsmanship all around, a grand fireplace, and even a crystal chandelier! If you didn't know any better, you'd think this luxury rental was part of a movie set! There's just something about the classic aesthetic that brings about romantic thoughts and feelings.
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

NoMad Townhouse

Now speaking of classic design, the NoMad Townhouse in New York certainly plays on that quite well. From the fine moldings on the wall to the gilded mirror above the grand fireplace, this place certainly has an old-world charm to it. However, add the bright splashes of colors and you've got quite the artistic and contemporary spin. It's as if the entire home is one huge piece of modern art! Yet its classic aesthetic retains its romantic feel for couples who want to live in New York.
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

West 22nd Townhouse

With four bedrooms on offer, this West 22nd Townhouse is a full-blown family home here in New York City. In fact, some of the rooms even look like they're specifically for kids. And it's certainly a flashy luxury long-term rental with all the eye-catching paintings hung throughout the place. Any family would be lucky to live here. But what about couples? Will they find it romantic enough that they can fill this home with lots of love? They definitely would, especially when they cuddle up to each other out on the rooftop terrace!
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

Franklin Place II

From the arches in the living space to plush furniture all around, the Franklin Place II two-bedroom apartment might just be the most suitable new home for you and your significant other. Firstly, with only two bedrooms on offer, the space is just right. You can share one room together and use the other as a home office, storage space, etc. And look at that well-equipped kitchen! They do say that 'the way to man's heart is through his stomach' right? Well, cooking your meals here together might just help you fall deeper in love!
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

Harrison Street

This Harrison Street apartment is pretty spacious. So much so that you might feel like it'd be a waste if it's just you and your partner living here. Putting that aside, however, when you look at the rustic design and the comfy bedroom, you'll realize that it's perfect for two people who are madly in love with each other. The outdoorsy feel can help you feel all cozy as you cuddle up to each other on the sofa and such. And the bedroom? Since the area is surrounded by trees, you'll have as much privacy as you want in this extremely crowded metropolis!
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

Bergen Street

A grand fireplace to keep you warm in the winter, a spacious but not-too-big dining area, and a lovely backyard where your kids can play around. If this Bergen Street luxury home in New York isn't the perfect family home, then what is? And remember! Just because you have kids, it doesn't mean you can't get all lovey-dovey when it's just the two of you! From the minimalist bedroom to the charming garden, there are lots of elements within this luxury rental that will give you all the feels!
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

Keller Place

And finally, there's Keller Place, the only solo apartment on this list. Standing out with its chic pastel hues and quirky vintage appeal, it feels more like the perfect bachelorette pad than a honeymoon home for a couple. Or does it? The queen-sized bed in the pale yellow bedroom has enough space for you and your partner to get it on. And you can't deny that the gentle and light colors keep you so relaxed that you’ll always be in the mood!
Our 9 Most Romantic Luxury Homes in New York

New York is undoubtedly a romantic city. If you and your special someone want to go on a trip here, you'll want to choose any of our fine luxury homes for your accommodations. They're perfect for a lovey-dovey couple like you!

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