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The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver

May 17, 2022
Romance isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind when talking about Vancouver. Cities like Rome, Barcelona, and Paris, sure! But Vancouver? Forget about it! Or, perhaps don't! While Vancouver isn't exactly a place that newlyweds would choose as their honeymoon destination, there are still a few romantic spots in this city. Especially the Sea to Sky Gondola, the Lonsdale Quay Market Love Lock Bridge, Stanley Park, Whytecliff Park, and Grouse Mountain. These places will have any couple wanting to feel all lovey-dovey in no time. But what makes these spots perfect for lovebirds? Well, here's what you need to know about them!

The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver

Sea to Sky Gondola

Vancouver's Sea-to-Sky Corridor is already one of, if not the most famous highway in all of Vancouver. The sights to see from this road are second to none. So much so, you'll want to take public transport just to see them again! However, what if you and your special someone go for a different vantage point? For instance, a bird's eye view of the place? The Sea-to-Sky gondolas have proven to be quite the exciting ride for locals and tourists alike. It's become a particularly popular spot for couples who want to spend time getting all lovey-dovey up and the sky. Similar to the highway, the views from up here are unlike any other!
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lonsdale Quay Market Love Lock Bridge

A love lock bridge never fails to bring out the inner lovebirds in you, doesn't it? And lo behold, just like in Paris and Prague, Vancouver has its own lover's bridge. If you want to leave a symbol of your undying love in this city, you can always lock it with a padlock on this bridge. Is it cheesy and cliche? Admittedly, yes! But you know what? That's part of the fun! It's gimmicks like these that make traveling to big cities like Vancouver all the more memorable. And who knows? Your padlock might just stay on the bridge for a very long time!
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver
Source: Gordon Leggett / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Stanley Park

You can say that Stanley Park is Vancouver's own version of New York's famous Central Park, and that alone is all you need to know about why it's a romantic spot. Just like in the iconic Manhattan spot, Stanley Park is a beautiful natural oasis that's a great retreat from the more bustling parts of the city. You can find a hidden spot that's all your own and get all lovey-dovey all day long. Or you can go on a stroll date, especially during autumn, and see the colorful leaves that fall on your path. Such a scene is so stunning, you won't ever forget it!
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Adam Jones

Whytecliff Park

Speaking of parks, Whytecliff Park is also a great romantic spot in Vancouver. Just like Stanley Park, this place is big enough for you to find a hidden spot you can call your own. But before you retreat to that, you have to check out the place's famous rocky path first! This picturesque trail that leads to Whytecliff Island is perfect for taking a couple's selfie. Many locals even stage their own wedding shots here! There's just something about how nature leads you to another place that's romantic and lovely. Don't you agree?
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Grouse Mountain

And finally, there's Grouse Mountain. For all you thrill-seeking couples out there who want to go on an adventure, hiking up Grouse Mountain is the way to go! The place is full of nature trails, rocky paths, forests, and more! And when you reach its peak, you can enjoy a breathtaking view that's unlike any other! Part of why Grouse Mountain is such a romantic spot in Vancouver is the thrill you and your special someone get when work hard together to reach the peak. It's practically a metaphor for what your love should be all about!
The Top Five Most Romantic Spots in Vancouver
Source: Flickr.com/ Murray Foubister

Vancouver is a lot more romantic than you probably give it credit for. Sure, it's no Paris, it's no Rome, and it's no New York! But Vancouver has its own set of charms that will have any couple feel lovey-dovey in no time!

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