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Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?

April 17, 2022
Shopping at street markets is one of the best things to do when you're in New York. Whether you've moved here or just visiting, these open flea markets are a Big Apple staple. You'll find lots of fascinating trinkets, cool vintage clothes, rare antiques, and even delicious delicacies that you won't find anywhere else. New Yorkers love shopping at street markets because the prices there are lower too. And for such an expensive city, places like these are practically godsends! The best ones are the Grand Bazaar and the Chelsea Flea Market in Manhattan and Brooklyn Flea Market, among many others.

Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?

Grand Bazaar

Just as its name says, the Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side is the grandest street market in New York. Every Sunday, without fail, regardless if there's a holiday or not, the flea market opens up to offer fascinating finds at great bargain deals. It has both an indoor and outdoor area, both featuring local artists, designers, food shops, and more. The Grand Bazaar is so massive that one day isn't enough to explore all the stalls, so it's a good thing that they'll still be back week after week.
Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?
Source: Grand Bazaar NYC Facebook Page

Chelsea Flea Market

Located in the Chelsea district of New York, specifically on West 25th Street, the Chelsea Flea Market is a vintage lover's paradise. Even though there are already many great vintage shops in New York, you can still find amazing stuff in this flea market. And the prices here are likely lower too! What you might find in a secondhand store that costs $50.00, you can easily get for around $30.00 or even $20.00 here. Moreover, the Chelsea Flea Market is also famous for its art deco pieces, from flapper dresses to old-school illustrations. You won't regret shopping here if you're into all that New Your nostalgia!
Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Union Square Greenmarket

Want fresh, local produce? Head on over to the Union Square Greenmarket! As a champion of sustainability, this street market in New York is all about organic products. The stuff you'll find here literally come from American farmlands and the like. In fact, most of this market's proceeds go to support farmers. The Union Square Greenmarket is a 'producer-only' market where farmers, fishermen, and the like get to sell their products directly to buyers, allowing them to earn all the profit themselves. It's the kind of street market in New York where everyone benefits!
Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?
Source: Flickr.com/ Wally Gobetz

Hester Street Fair

Having recently moved to the seaport, the Hester Street Fair is an amazing place where you can go wild in bargain-hunting! Just like in the other New York street markets on this list, this is a place where locals can sell many of their old items and earn profit. In fact, they even encourage them to sell what they no longer need, provided that the items are still of good quality. Moreover, small-time food companies also get to put up their own stalls here, making it quite the foodie hotspot in this part of New York City.
Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?
Source: Hester Street Fair Facebook Page

Brooklyn Flea

Regarded by many as one of the best markets in the US, the Brooklyn Flea Market continues to draw in more and more visitors each time. They're not always open, but when they are, you can bet that a ton of locals and tourists alike will be flocking to their stores. And while it's named the 'Brooklyn Flea' street market, it actually has two locations. One is in Dumbo, a trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn, and the other is in Chelsea, the hip district in Manhattan. Ironically, the latter is more open and available than the former.
Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?
Source: Brooklyn Flea Facebook Page

Queens Night Market

Although the Queens Night Market is commonly open at night, it's become a go-to street hotpot for families. It's the kind of New York street market where kids and parents or large groups of friends can hang out, shop, and eat their fill. It's also one of the more diverse flea markets in the city, featuring over 100 stalls that offer all sorts of knick-knacks, clothes, toys, antiques, and food from other countries. You'd be surprised at what you might find in this fun and colorful street market. And before the day is through, enjoy a delicious dinner of exotic delicacies!
Where are New York’s Best Street Markets?
Source: Queens Night Market Facebook Page

New York's best street markets offer interesting knick-knacks, fascinating antiques, delicious delicacies, chic vintage clothing, and all sorts of amazing finds. You won't feel like a true New Yorker if you haven't shopped in one yet!




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