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Where to Learn English in Washington D.C.

March 28, 2022
As the American capital city, it's easy to feel pressured to speak English in Washington D.C. It's hardly a prerequisite, especially since the city is becoming more and more diverse. However, there's nothing wrong with learning the language here, is there? In fact, if you wish to relocate to Washington D.C. yourself, you'd do well to brush up your English skills. It'll definitely make your new life here that much easier. But the question remains: where do you learn English here? The good news is that Washington D.C. offers many outstanding language schools. Here are a few worth checking out!

Where to Learn English in Washington D.C.

Inlingua Washington D.C.

As part of Inlingua International, you can expect that their school in Washington D.C. is more than high-quality. Located in Georgetown, one of the more bustling neighborhoods in the city, their lessons are intensive and immersive, often going beyond grammatical and phonetic lessons. And since the school is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, the courses and programs they offer are some of the best of the best. If you're truly struggling with the language, you can even go for private one-on-one classes with your instructors. That's how dedicated Inlingua is to teaching you English.

International Center For Language Studies

What makes the International Center For Language Studies such a great school in Washington D.C.? Especially when you're learning English? Firstly, they go for the more immersive approach when teaching the language. It's not enough that they tell what to say and you repeat it back to them. They'll actually let you hold conversations in English, letting you get used to the language until you're more or less fluent. Some of their courses are even centered on business and formal English, which can help you find a job here in the future.

Where to Learn English in Washington D.C.

International Language Institute

What's so great about the International Language Institute is that they're probably the most accommodating and most helpful among all the language schools on this list. Firstly, for those who want to travel to the US, specifically to Washington D.C., they're willing to help their students with getting the right visa so that they can stay here legally. If your schedule is too packed, they'll let you spread out your classes so you have time for all your other activities. And when all else fails, they can always transfer your classes online to Zoom.

Mentora College

Located at the heart of the American capital, only a hop and a skip away from the White House, Mentora College is all about simmering its students with cultural lessons and experiences that will last a lifetime. And learning the English language is part of that! Catered specifically to foreign exchange students and foreign locals, the college offers intensive and elective courses that are sure to teach you everything you need to know. They even offer English lessons for the deaf, taking into account disabled students and how they can communicate via the city's native language.

Where to Learn English in Washington D.C.

LADO International Institute

The LADO International Institute is an English language school in Washington D.C. that's specifically for tourists. Although locals are free to enroll here, it's the tourists who will get the most out of their exciting program. This is thanks in large part to their many events, from touring all over the American capital to social gatherings and the like. Through these sorts of activities, they're not just teaching the English language to non-speakers, but they're also introducing them to life in the city. Who knows? After studying here, you might just get inspired to relocate to Washington D.C. yourself!

Fluent City

Just as its name says, Fluent City is all about turning students into fluent English speakers. Armed with expert language tutors, many of whom are native English speakers, this school takes immersive measures to get you used to and familiar with the language. Nowadays, they even operate through online classes, offering both solo and group classes for your benefit. Whichever you choose, they'll make sure that you have a fun and comfortable time learning English, going so far as to only speak the language during class. It's the only way for you to be confident enough to become fluent in English yourself.

Where to Learn English in Washington D.C.

Though you're not exactly required to, it's better if you learn to speak and understand English when you're in Washington D.C. This is the American capital city, so there are many notable language schools here that you could go to.

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