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Where to Eat in Washington D.C.

March 29, 2022
The American capital is hardly a food capital. In the US, New York & Chicago have proven to be the most popular among foodies. But the District of Columbia? It can't even compare. With that said, however, this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy a good meal here in the American capital. In fact, Washington D.C. offers a good many foodie hotspots that can go toe-to-toe with many famous places to eat in the food capitals of the world. Some of them have even served celebrities, foreign dignitaries, prominent politicians, and the American presidents themselves. Here are the best places to eat in Washington D.C.

Where to Eat in Washington D.C.

Dolce Vita Coastal Mediterranean Cuisine

You can never go wrong with Mediterranean cuisine! The region's hot and heavy meats are what makes Dolce Vita Coastal Mediterranean Cuisine one of the best places to eat in Washington D.C. Specializing in wood-fired meats from countries like Spain, Italy, Morocco, and more, this restaurant is the way to go if you're looking for a rich, tummy-filling dish. Of course, their pizzas are an absolute favorite, as are their beef chops, lamb shank, and more. And for vegetarians? Their nice array of salads. Moroccan potatoes, and Orzo Risotto would be just as fulfilling!
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: Dolce Vita Coastal Mediterranean Cuisine

Honeymoon Chicken

Grilled or fried, dark of white meat—if you're craving chicken while you're in Washington D.C., then look no further than Honeymoon Chicken on Georgia Avenue. Whichever iteration of poultry you want, whether they're wings or filleted, you'll get here. And they'll be honey-glazed too! Although barbecue sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, and the like are the more popular condiments for chicken, this particular hotspot has a thing for honey instead. They offer up a sweeter and definitely more sumptuous take on poultry, making you fall deeper in love with this food group. It's no wonder they're named 'Honeymoon Chicken.'
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: Honeymoon Chicken Facebook Page


Though it sounds like a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, L'Ardente is actually a top foodie hotspot on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C. It's one of the most upscale places to eat in the city, serving up haute cuisine at its finest. And while you can easily mistake it for a French restaurant, it actually offers delicious Italian food. For your main course, you have a choice between all sorts of pasta or a well-made pizza that tastes just like the ones from Rome. As for dessert, creamy Panna Cotta or Tiramisu will delight your taste buds in more ways than one.
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: L'Ardente Facebook Page

Mariscos 1133

Mariscos 1133 on 11th Street is a Washington D.C. foodie hotspot that's all about Latin seafood. Think Shrimp Aguachile served with cucumbers, red onion, avocado, and toasted pepitas. Their Fried Calamari, which is a famous bestseller, comes with serrano sauce, uplifting its flavor behind the scrumptiously crunchy breading. Iced oysters, on the other hand, add a bit of class to your meal, especially when drizzled with some lemon zest. And their Mussels a la Mexicana, another bestseller, will spice up your taste buds with spicy chorizo and grilled jalapeño. It'll be quite the culinary journey if you ever choose to eat here!
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: Mariscos 1133


If you haven't noticed from the name and the heavily botanical look of the place, PLANTA is a vegan-friendly restaurant on Elm Street. It's the go-to place to eat for those who want to stay away from meat and seafood in Washington D.C. Serving up their own vegan spins of a variety of worldly delicacies, you can expect a healthier culinary experience in this chic hotspot. Where else will you find ahi tuna sushi that tastes just as good, if not better, without the tuna? Or a mouthwatering bowl of udon noodles with truffle mushroom cream?
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: PLANTA


Craving for some Greek food in Washington D.C.? Then why not go to Philotimo on 15th Street? Michelin-starred chef Nick Stefanelli serves up an amazing menu of dishes and delicacies from his homeland right here in the American capital, giving all the busy big-wig locals and excited tourists a chance to taste the flavors of the Mediterranean. Of course this include seafood like Kakavia (Fisherman's soup) and Octopodi (grilled Mediterranean Sea octopus), among many others. As well as rich meaty dishes like Brizola (Dry-aged beef chops) served with Greek fries and Katsikaki (Whole Roasted Shenandoah Valley).
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: Philotimo DC Facebook Page

SHŌTŌ Washington DC

Located on Connecticut Avenue, one of the more bustling areas in Washington D.C., SHŌTŌ Washington DC is the kind of place where you'll bring your client for a business dinner. Not only is the food here amazing, but the ambiance is lively enough that you can easily enjoy your time as you wait for your food to be served. And speaking of the food, a wide array f Japanese dishes and delicacies await you here, each more exotic than the next. From sushi and sashimi to all sorts of tempura, you can practically taste the 'Land of The Rising Sun' here at the heart of the American capital.
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: SHŌTŌ Washington DC

Sparrow Room

And finally, there's the Sparrow Room, a fascinating Chinese restaurant where you can play Mahjong while you wait for your food. The jade-toned parlor upholds its traditional Asian atmosphere, further adding to the authenticity of the culinary experience. And of course, among their many bestsellers are their delectable dim sum. Steamed to perfection, they're the perfect food to pair a game of Mahjong with, especially when the stakes are at an all-time high. But when the warm noodles and hot seafood make their way to your table, you'll have no choice but to stop the game in order to enjoy them all.
Where to Eat in Washington D.C.
Source: Sparrow Room Facebook Page/ @mariahmirandaphoto

While it's not exactly a food capital, the American capital city, Washington D.C., still offers more than a handful of notable places to eat. From traditional cuisine to foreign menus, the food they serve is something else!

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