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The Top Spring 2022 Collections from London Fashion Week

March 26, 2022
Spring is different people's favorite season for different reasons. For some, it's the warm temperature, while for others, it's the blossoming flowers and gentle breezes. There are a few people, however, that love spring because they get to wear the latest designer collections. Many who are in London definitely think that too, especially since they can rock some of the best new looks from London Fashion Week. It's no secret that London runways often produce some of the most fascinating trends and the most eye-catching fads. And among the latest spring 2022 collections, here are the ones to look forward to.

The Top Spring 2022 Collections from London Fashion Week


To me, this presentation really represents the freedom of our imaginations: how we dream to come alive,” said Riccardo Tisci's show notes for his spring 2022 digital presentation during London Fashion Week. Having lost his mother back in August 2021, the Italian creative director was in the mood of reinventing the British brand's iconic signatures, from the trench coat to the strict tailoring and everything in between. The result? A new interpretation of London style, one that's more daring and more provocative for spring 2022.
Source: Burberry YouTube Channel

Richard Quinn

Doing away with the face-covering masks, Richard Quinn's spring 2022 collection was a lot more approachable. His 50s fancy was all there, sure, as eye-popping florals and exaggerated silhouettes, but they looked more wearable this time around. Even when you're wrapped around in draped chiffon, looking like you covered yourself in your mom's curtains, the elegance is easy and the shapes are way more humane. It's as if, finally, Quinn's vintage-styled aliens have adapted well to the contemporary aesthetic.
Source: The Londoner YouTube Channel

Emilia Wickstead

Another British designer who loves getting inspiration from mid-20th-century elegance is Emilia Wickstead. Her spring 2022 line, which she presented via a well-curated lookbook and digital presentation during London Fashion Week, was another contemporary take on old-school sophistication. It was a healthy mix of 1950s shapes, 1960s prints, and classic English strictness, all drizzled with modern minimalism for a more updated and current look. Precious and pristine, these pieces were the kind to wear from day to night, especially if you live a particularly upscale lifestyle.
Source: Emilia Wickstead YouTube Channel

JW Anderson

Always one for experimentation, JW Anderson described his spring 2022 collection as 'an uncompromising exploration of texture, material, and volume.' And judging by his most show-stopping looks, he hit the nail on the head. His sculptural 'mushroom mini-skirt' and vertical-striped dresses with raw-edged hems presented a visual feast that's in line with Anderson's signature avant-garde approach. In fact, it's not that his new line was avant-garde at all. Plenty of his pieces this season are pretty wearable. But it's when you actually get to wear his extraordinary designs will you realize that there really is more than what meets the eye.
Source: JW Anderson YouTube Channel

Simone Rocha

A spirit of innocence was heavily felt during Simone Rocha's spring 2022 show during London Fashion Week. And it wasn't a coincidence that this was her first show after giving birth to her second daughter. Perhaps it's her new child, and her new chapter into motherhood, that influenced her latest line of puffed-up silhouettes. Yes, the collection was filled with Rocha's signature blown-up shapes and old-school sophistication, but her use of humble fabrics and dainty florals added a childlike charm that's youthful but not juvenile.
Source: Simone Rocha YouTube Channel

Molly Goddard

Another designer to contact to trot out puffy designs is Molly Goddard. But this time around, for her spring 2022 collection, she paired her superfluous signatures with something a little bit more practical: denim jeans. The striking contrast between Goddard's flouncy aesthetic with baggy jeans isn't exactly new but it had that Y2K edge that Gen Z will likely go gaga over. It was pretty yet punk in equal measure perfect for tomboys to get in touch with the feminine sides.
Source: Molly Goddard YouTube Channel

Duro Olowu

For spring 2022, Duro Olowu wants everyone to know that it's time for print and color. His wildly printed spring 2022 collection, rendered in motifs created by British Argentine surrealist artist, Eileen Agar, was a wake-up call full of optimism. Bright colors and psychedelic prints reign supreme as if to say that no matter what's happening in the world, it's worth wearing something bright and cheery. There was an unapologetic optimism in his clothes, paired with streamlined silhouettes that pushed for a more pragmatic approach. It's a weird mix that only Duro Olowu can do! Source: Duro Olowu Instagram Page/ @luismonteirophotography


Having supermodel Bella Hadid dressed in skin-tight minimalist clothes was enough to make Self-Portrait's spring 2022 collection a scene-stealer during London Fashion Week. With wet slicked-back hair, Hadid expertly personified what creative director Han Chong with his largely minimal line—self-confidence. From every cut to every crease, these clothes embrace the female form in all its natural glory. It's not that they simply highlight one's attractive curves, but they also define the woman wearing them. It's not just sexy and sensual, it's almost empowering in a way too! Source: Self-Portrait Instagram Page/ @harleyweir

Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo's electric colors and streamlined shapes for spring 2022 point back to one fabulous decade—the 70s! Though the inspiration isn't all that obvious, the references surely stand out. However, this isn't a 'vintage' collection by any means. By injecting a bit of sportswear into the mix, Pyo excelled in transforming her 1970s influences to fit 2022's modern aesthetic. Her line is relaxed and daring, brimming with confidence with every exit. However, no one can deny that her empowered woman this season looks pretty familiar too.
Source: FF Channel YouTube Channel

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell is a British minimalist through and through. Many might criticize her for her almost mundane levels of simplicity, but one can't fault her identity as a quality craftsman. This season, for spring 2022, she's at it again with a collection of ease and elegance that, at first glance, would seem like you could find it anywhere. British high-street brands will find it easy to replicate her looks, particularly the traditional English styles. However, what they can never imitate are her precise craftsmanship and high-quality textiles. Those are what make her clothes the timeless pieces that they are.
Source: Margaret Howell YouTube Channel

Choosing what to wear this spring? Why not take a page out of the top collections from London Fashion Week? They've laid out the latest trends and the newest looks that will definitely make you the new style star of the season.

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