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Playtime in Paris: The Most Fun Retro Video Game Arcades

March 20, 2022
Having fun in Paris doesn't always have to mean seeing the sights, going on a romantic date with your lover, partying in a nightclub, or visiting a café in the middle of the afternoon. There are some places that offer fun games, ones that take you back to your childhood. The French capital has always been known to preserve a lot of their greatest places, right? This includes their video game arcades too. Paris has a good many retro arcades to offer, many of which will hit you with a ton of nostalgia that makes them even more fun!

Playtime in Paris: The Most Fun Retro Video Game Arcades

La Tête Dans les Nuages

Translated into English as 'The Head in the Clouds,' you'll certainly lose yourself in La Tête Dans les Nuages if you're not careful! Located on Boulevard des Italiens, it's arguably the most retro out of all the retro video game arcades in the city. And perhaps they named this place the way they did is because there are so many games on offer here, you can easily get forget all about your troubles and simply have fun. From classic racecar and music games to the more mature billiards and even a few famous Nintendo characters, you'll have so much fun here, you'll feel like you're floating on air! Source: La Tête dans les Nuages Official Instagram Page

Geek Room

When you enter Geek Room on Rue de Nanterre in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, you might think you traveled back in time. Specifically, to the 1980s. That's how retro this video game arcade really is! Think air hockey where you can test your friendship with your buddies and see who's the sore loser among you. Or immersive car games where you'll really feel as if you're driving in a race. And let's not forget the classic Mortal Kombat machine where you can fight as your favorite character! These and more will take you back to your childhood the moment you put in your token!
Playtime in Paris: The Most Fun Retro Video Game Arcades
Source: Geek Room Facebook Page

Coin-Op Table

Although Coin-Op Table is both a restaurant and bar, a true gamer would look beyond the delicious food and great drinks and head straight to the vintage arcade terminals. And if you can play as you eat, you truly are a gamer god unlike any other! Coin-Op Table is a fun brick-lined hotspot on Rue de Maubeuge that's known for both its French-Taiwanese fusion menu and awesome retro video game arcade. The food is unique and tasty while the games will have you spending time here until it's near the closing time! Source: Coin-Op Table Instagram Page

Reset Bar

While Coin-Op Table has you eating and playing, Reset Bar, which is on Rue du Cygne, will have you gaming and drinking! With lots of booze and retro video game arcade terminals on offer, it's a cool place to hang out with your friends. It has a similar vibe to that of a Parisian speakeasy, but this time, instead of ordering cocktails, you can compete to see who's the best at classic arcade games. There are even modern consoles on offer here two, mixing the past and the present and letting everyone know that great games don't and will never have an expiration date.
Playtime in Paris: The Most Fun Retro Video Game Arcades
Source: Reset Bar

Player One Bar

Just like Reset Bar, Player One Bar is a place that offers drinks and games in equal measure. But the main difference here, however, is that the latter is all about beer. After all, you don't need a fancy cocktail to get the buzz you need to go full-on gamer mood. A pint, or two, or even seven are enough to get you going, right? And this awesome retro video game arcade in the Rue Saint-Denis neighborhood of Paris is the best place to show off your prowess! Whether it's Playstation or a classic arcade terminal, there's no game you couldn't take on after you've had your beer!
Playtime in Paris: The Most Fun Retro Video Game Arcades
Source: Player One Bar - Paris Facebook Page

Extra Life Café

And finally, there's Extra Life Café on Pass. des Patriarches in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. While the arcade bars on this list can amp you up with drinks and games, let's be real: you can easily do that in your own luxury home too, right? But in Extra Life Café, you get to play classic arcade games while living out Parisian café society. It's no secret that going to a coffee shop in Paris is its own novel experience, but when you combine that with the fun of retro arcades, it's the sort of fun you won't soon forget!
Playtime in Paris: The Most Fun Retro Video Game Arcades
Source: Extra Life Café Facebook Page

There's just something about playing in a retro video arcade that makes you feel a special way. And you can get this fun hit of nostalgia by visiting these amazing hotspots in Paris. They feature all the classic games you played in your childhood and more!




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