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Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots

March 14, 2022
Atlanta is on its way to becoming at par with the likes of New York, LA, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and more. The hustle and bustle here are getting stronger and more and more people are seeing the potential of this southern metropolis to be a major city in the USA. Of course, there's also the food here too! One of the things that makes all the aforementioned American cities so thrilling is that the culinary scenes in each and every one of them is top-notch. Atlanta, while it may not be a food capital, can easily rival them. Particularly with these notable hotspots.

Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots


Located on Edgewood Ave in Northeast Atlanta, BoccaLupo is a cozy little Italian restaurant that's perfect for when you crave pasta. When you read their menu, practically every single item there is a type of pasta, ranging from authentic Italian dishes to American variations. They even have a few Spaghetti-O’s-inspired appetizers that sound weird at first, but when you taste it, you'll know they're actually good. Each and every dish is a surprise to the palate!
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: BoccaLupo

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

The name says it all! Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q serves old-school, all-American cuisine in Northeast Atlanta. Located on DeKalb Avenue, they're all about rich, succulent, and stomach-filling meats. It's the kind of place that's perfect for a family lunch, getting takeout for when you want to hold a backyard barbecue, or even during the Superbowl! From hamburgers to full-blown steaks, just looking at their dishes will have you feeling full. What more when you gobble them all up?
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: Fox Bros Bar-B-Q Facebook Page

Kimball House

Kimball House is definitely one of the more upscale Atlanta restaurants on this list. Housed in a historic train depot on Howard Ave, it has retained its old-world charm. It's the perfect place for when you want to go on a business lunch with a client or for celebrating a milestone. Their cocktails are amazing and the food is top-notch! For an entree, you can get trout with grits, beets, and orange vinaigrette. A good main course option would be prime fillet mignon. And for dessert, a delicious serving of banana eclairs. They all sound amazing, don't they?
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: Kimball House

La Grotta

Having opened back in 1978, La Grotta is one of the most popular and historic foodie hotspots in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta. It's as classically and authentically Italian as you can get, complete with the country's amazing cuisine that will have you feeling like you're dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome. Make sure to try their famous house tortellini! They stuff it with as much mascarpone cheese, onions, and prosciutto, thyme, all while drowning it in rich tomato sauce, that you'll be bursting at your seams even before you finish your meal!
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: La Grotta in Buckhead Facebook Page

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Despite how elegant it sounds, Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Midtown Atlanta isn't exactly the kind of old-school tea room like you'd find in London. It's old-school in the sense that it has retained its American-style diner ever since it opened back in 1945, but it's not necessarily a place where grandmothers usually enjoy a hot cup of tea. What they serve here are fried green tomatoes, fried shrimp with cocktail sauce, deviled eggs, and fried chicken livers. It's southern food all the way, just the way the locals like 'em!
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: Mary Mac’s Tea Room Facebook Page

Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Nestled in Underwood Hills, a peaceful residential neighborhood in the Upper Westside of Atlanta, Nuevo Laredo Cantina stands as one of the finest Mexican restaurants in the city. It's the sort of place that's a cross between a classic family diner and a hip hang-out for friends to enjoy strong margaritas during Happy Hour. Of course, the main stars of the show here are the food! Think lobster tacos, chile rellenos, and tampiquena steak. You'll need to prepare your stomachs before going here!
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: Nuevo Laredo Cantina

The General Muir

Ask any local who lives in Toco Hills where the best brunch place in Atlanta is and many of them will tell you that it's The General Muir. This New York-style deli is perfect for a tummy-filling pick-me-up, especially when it's so early in the morning. From the fattening meats in their delicatessen to their warm bagels that you can pair with smoked salmon, grapefruit, avocado, and more, a meal here is more than enough. Or you can always place an order and have it delivered to you luxury home! That's great too.
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: The General Muir

The Optimist

Craving seafood? Head on over to The Optimist on Howell Mill Road in West Midtown Atlanta. It's not farfetched to say that this place is the best seafood hotspot in the city. Even Georgians from outside of Atlanta would agree! Many of them would travel all the way here just to eat their amazing fish, squid, and crustacean dishes. You can satisfy your seafood cravings by the bar and pair your order with an awesome cocktail or you can enjoy your meal in the place's popular patio area under the sun. What's not to love?
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: The Optimist Atlanta

West Egg Cafe

Finally, there's West Egg Cafe, also located on Howell Mill Road in West Midtown Atlanta. While The Optimist is for seafood lovers looking to eat a hearty meal for lunch or dinner, this hip cafe is more for the brunch crowd. Their fried chicken biscuits are just enough to jolt any foodie with energy so early in the morning, while the shrimp and grits combo will spice up your life in more ways than one!
Atlanta's Finest Foodie Hotspots
Source: West Egg Cafe Facebook Page

As one of the major cities in the American South, Atlanta offers a ton of amazing places to eat. From traditional local food to foreign cuisines, this city offers a foodie trip that's unlike any other!

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