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What To Do in Atlanta For A Day

March 14, 2022
Although it's a bustling metropolis, many people are still unaware of what's there to do in Atlanta. It's not like New York and Los Angeles where you already know where to go, what to see, and what to do. Here in Atlanta, there aren't as many famous attractions and pastimes on offer... and that's not necessarily a bad thing. At least, for many travelers who love discovering new and exciting places, Atlanta is yet another city worth learning more about. You'd be surprised at how much you can do, see, listen, eat, and experience here.

What To Do in Atlanta For A Day

Explore Little Five Points

Although it's not technically a neighborhood in Atlanta, Little Five Points is a fun commercial district that's worth exploring on the east side of the city. It's a treasure trove of quirky boutiques, vintage shops, unique foodie hotspots, and more. The place bears the character of Atlanta, one that's more hipster than historic. It's here where you'll find an antique from centuries ago, an old record that you won't find anywhere else, and secondhand clothing that you can work up and style however you want. With so much on offer, you can either spend a few hours here or the entire day and you'd still find something new at every corner.
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: Flickr.com/ Pawel Loj

Take a Foodie Tour on Buford Highway

More often than not, it's the first day of your trip (or second if you arrived in the late afternoon of at night), after you've traveled so far to get to your destination, that you're at your hungriest. Your body is tired, your stomach is empty, and you're more than ready to taste the culinary scene of the city. Here in Atlanta, the best place to go on a foodie tour is Buford Highway. A series of foreign cuisine restaurants line the Atlanta parts of the highway, offering up amazing Korean, Mexican, Colombian, and more. It's a foodie trip around the world unlike any other!
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Go Shopping at Ponce City Market

Want to spend your day in Atlanta shopping? Head on over to Ponce City Market! This retail district is located on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Eastern Atlanta, encompassing a whopping 2.1 million square feet of the area. It's the largest red brick structure in the entire city, housing a multitude of designer brands, local boutiques, many restaurants, gyms, and other establishments. The place is so huge, it will probably take you an entire day to get through one floor. But there's also no denying that you can have a great time here!
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Tim Farley

Learn About Civil and Human Rights

As one of the major cities in the American South, it's no surprise that Atlanta is a great place to learn about the country's history. Specifically, its history on civil and human rights. To this day, Georgia, and Atlanta in particular, remain dominated by people of color. The city itself has a rich Africa-American history and you can learn all about it in the National Center for Civil and Human Rights on Ivan Allen Jr Boulevard on Northwestern Atlanta. See and hear the stories of those who worked hard and gave up their lives so that equality can reign in the country.
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: National Center for Civil and Human Rights Facebook Page

See The Atlanta History Center

The American South had quite a tumultuous history. Before the civil war, it used to be the most glorious part of the country, filled with mansions and manors built by African-American slaves. Today, the Atlanta History Center stands as a reminder of those times. This beautiful European-style château almost looks like it belongs in France or Italy, but it goes beyond just a gorgeous building that's perfect for photoshoots. Inside is a museum of artwork and artifacts from the civil war. They are reminders of an infamous yet revolutionary part of American history that should never be forgotten.
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: Rawpixel.com / Carol M Highsmith

Spend Time with Family at Westside Park

A free day in Atlanta ought to be spent with your family. And what better place to bond with your loved ones than at Westside Park? As the biggest park in Atlanta, there's so much to see and do around here. It's a particularly popular spot for nature-lovers since a good chunk of the area is either well-preserved or has remained untouched. You're more likely to see exotic flora and adorable animals here than in Atlanta's other parks. But if that's not your vibe, Westside Park also has a few commercialized places complete with manicured grass fields, playgrounds for kids, and the like.
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: Flickr.com/ Tyler Lahti

Marvel at Mother Nature at The Atlanta Botanical Garden

What's another place nature-lovers ought to visit in Atlanta? The stunning Atlanta Botanical Garden! This place is more than just your average nature park. It's practically an art gallery of floral outstanding floral sculptures. Located near Piedmont Park in the Northeastern part of Atlanta, the displays here are out of this world. You'll need to charge your phone or bring a power bank so that your device can handle all the snapshots you'll be taking all day long. From dragons to giant chess sets that look straight out of Alice's Wonderland, 'magical' doesn't even begin to describe the Atlanta Botanical Garden!
What To Do in Atlanta For A Day
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Eric Yarnell

While it may not be as popular of a destination as many other American cities, Atlanta is not a boring place. This city offers a ton of exciting things to do even when you only have one day to spend here!

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