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The Finest Fitness Centers in Antwerp

March 03, 2022
Whether you're just visiting you've relocated to Antwerp, it won't hurt exercising here. Maintaining fitness doesn't choose any specific places. As long as you're healthy and able, you owe it to yourself to work out and stay in tiptop shape. Of course, in a beautiful destination like Antwerp, one of the best ways to do so is to jog all around the city. However, that can only get you so far. At times, you're better off joining the many great gyms and fitness centers in Antwerp. Don't worry! They're definitely worth all your time and effort to exercise as often as you can!

The Finest Fitness Centers in Antwerp

Sportclub Het Eiland

If there's one thing you should know about Antwerp's Sportclub Het Eiland, it's that it's spacious. This massive fitness center on Zeevaartstraat 10 is all about giving you ample legroom to work out as hard and as much as you want. More often than not, what many premium gyms lack is enough distance from one exercise equipment to another, but not Sportclub Het Eiland! Here, not only can you find your own corner, but even the various rooms are spacious enough. From the yoga studio to the boxing ring, you won't have to worry about feeling claustrophobic and bumping into each other here!

Jungle Gym Antwerp

Despite its name, Jungle Gym Antwerp technically isn't the standard gym you're looking for. They market themselves more as a fitness boot camp than a conventional fitness center and they most congregate in the beautiful Brilschanspark in Antwerp. When you have a free day to spend, you'll want to join Jungle Gym Antwerp. With the sun and the fresh air on offer, you get to join an entire community of people who adhere to a more active and healthy lifestyle. This way, even when you're so focused on shedding off those extra pounds, it won't just be your trainer who will motivate you to keep pushing on. It's a totally different experience from simply during an exercise machine.

The Finest Fitness Centers in Antwerp

CrossFit Antwerpen

CrossFit has undoubtedly taken over the world and Antwerp is no different. Here in CrossFit Antwerpen, located on Lamorinierestraat 161, you can work on this famous fitness regimen as hard and as often as you can. Since the workout includes varied functional movements, this gym offers the right amount of space and the perfect equipment to get your adrenaline pumping. Not to mention some of the best CrossFit coaches you'll find in Antwerp! They know everything about CrossFit and they'll assist you every step of the way. They're also the perfect motivators to help you get right back up when you're just about ready to give up!

The Brick

The Brick Antwerp is an upscale gym on Waalsekaai 57 where working out practically feels like a luxury. Don't let their red-brick facade and interior fool you! The place might look edgy and underground, but it's anything but! Here at The Brick Antwerp, they offer state-of-the-art gym equipment, first-class fitness instructors, fun exercise classes, and more. Not to mention an in-house cafe where you can get your much-needed protein and caffeine fix! Though it's a fitness center, the way you are so well taken care of here almost makes it feel like you're in a fitness resort!

The Finest Fitness Centers in Antwerp

Fitality Nieuw Zuid

Located in the Nieuw Zuid neighborhood of Antwerp, Fitality Nieuw Zuid is a rustic gym that's more open than most. More often than not, fitness centers tend to feel too intimidating for first-timers. Even though you go to the gym to exercise and focus on fitness, when you're insecure about how you look, you'll easily feel like you don't want to work out anymore. That's what Fitality Nieuw Zuid strives to avoid. With their welcoming staff, approachable trainers, and uncomplicated equipment, even the most inexperienced novices can work out as a superstar athlete here. And you won't feel intimidated at all!


I-Fitness is a great premium fitness center Coveliersstraat 15 that's a bang for your buck. Though its membership fees are slightly higher than most of the other gyms, you can rest assured that every penny you spend here is worth it. Firstly, the space itself is big and clean. Even when it's at its peak, you can still find a vacant exercise machine, free weights, and more to exercise here. I-Fitness is also known for its amazing cleanliness. When you're the first customer of the day, each and every piece of equipment will feel like they're brand new. You won't see a speck of dust or a drop of sweat!

The Finest Fitness Centers in Antwerp

Better Bodies

Far from the standards that I-Fitness has set up, Better Bodies is more like the rough and tumble kind of fitness center that's a haven for bodybuilders. Just as its name says, this old-school gym on De Bosschaertstraat 142 is more about letting you tone your muscles and shape your physique like a Greek god. If you want to get into bodybuilding, this is the best place in Antwerp to start. And it's pretty affordable too! Monthly membership only costs €15.00 while its stand-alone prices for sessions cost around €8.00 to €60.00. You can even pay in cash too! How's that for trimming down your living costs in Antwerp?

Klimzaal Wallstreet

Klimzaal Wallstreet is a fitness center on Van Duyststraat 16 that's focused on only one workout: wall-climbing! With all corners of this specialized gym covered with colorful climbing walls, you can go as high as you can as you tone your muscles and improve your core. What's so great about it is that you can also do this for fun with friends and family. Even when your primary goal is to exercise, there's no stopping you from inviting other people and wall-climbing together. It can even be a great idea too!

The Finest Fitness Centers in Antwerp

You won't have any excuse for not working out when you're in Antwerp because the city has a ton of great gyms and fitness centers you can join. They're perfect for helping look and feel good while you're here!

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