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The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris

March 05, 2022
As one of the most popular food capitals in the world, it's no surprise that there are several Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. And more often than not, these prominent places are also some of the most expensive establishments in the city. Excellent foodie hotspots merit high prices, after all. It makes sense that getting to enjoy such culinary excellence will cost a ton of money. However, that's not always the case. There are still some affordable Paris restaurants that the Michelin Guides have given their recognition. And it's better to eat there for lunch since their set menus are usually priced lower. Here are a few worth noting.

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris

Alan Geaam Restaurant

Out of the four restaurants prominent Lebanese chef Alan Geaam owns in Paris, his eponymous hotspot on Rue Lauriston is the only one that's both affordable and Michelin-starred. Its location, which is fairly near the Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées, makes it a go-to establishment for those who want to eat lunch in-between days of sightseeing and exploring the French capital. As well as for those craving exceptional seafood at moderate prices. You can enjoy a well-made helping of scrumptious langoustine or savory trout in Alan Geaam's restaurant that only costs a little under €140.00 or even less!

Lunch Price: €68.00

Dinner Price: €88.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Alan Geaam Facebook Page/ @alban_couturier


Not only is Alléno in Pavillon Ledoyen a three-time Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, but it's affordable here too? Yes, please! Just by looking at this néo-classical mansion, you'd think that eating here would cost a million bucks, right? Well, you're wrong! Though Alléno is a French fine dining establishment, it's highly likely that you can afford to eat here. Its lunchtime set menu even costs only around €135.00 per person. That's hardly breaking the bank, especially compared to the other Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. So why not relax and indulge in haute cuisine in this fine foodie hotspot!

Lunch Price: €135.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Yannick Alleno Officiel Facebook Page


Benoit is the kind of old-school bistro in Paris that offers up the quintessential French culinary experience. First up, its classic aesthetic hasn't changed since the place first opened on Rue Saint-Martin back in 1912. From its well-crafted wooden furniture to the shimmering mirrored walls, it's the type of 1920s Paris hotspot that you've seen featured in period films. The vibe here is also pretty relaxed despite the fact that it's a Michelin-starred restaurant. When you enjoy a plate of garlic-buttered escargot here, you won't feel pressured to practice French fine dining etiquette at all.

Lunch Price: €42.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Benoit Paris

Dominique Bouchet

Just how affordable is it to eat at Dominique Bouchet? Well, this one-time Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris offers up a three-course lunch menu that only costs €68.00 and a seven-course 'Discovery menu' that's only €128.00 per person. If that's not affordable, especially for a hotspot recognized by the Michelin Guides, then what is? For the most part, this extraordinary restaurant on Rue Treilhard in the 8th arrondissement is all about the French countryside cuisine. From succulent lamb in red wine sauce to mouthwatering Mediterranean seafood, you'll truly get bang for your buck if you ever choose to eat here!

Lunch Price: €68.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Dominique Bouchet


Located on Rue Saint-Dominique, Garance is the brainchild of two exceptional culinary geniuses named 'Guillaume'—head chef Guillaume Iskandar and sommelier Guillaume Muller. With their combined efforts, they offer a fantastic haven for foodies and connoisseurs alike that's both affordable and high-quality. Think scallops served with cabbage and thyme that only costs €32.00. Or poached foie gras drenched in beef broth and paired with black truffle for only €36.00. And for dessert? Caramel tiramisu that's only €14.00 per slice. Talk about a great steal, right? When you pair any or all of that with their fine selection of wine, it's almost unbelievable that you paid so little for such a meal here!

Lunch Price: €80.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Garance Paris Facebook Page

Le Taillevent

Housed inside a beautiful 19th-century mansion in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, Le Taillevent looks like your typical Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. The kind that costs a fortune for every meal. However, the reality is far from what you might think. Although the many excellent dishes that head chef David Bizet prepares do merit sky-high price points, you won't find anything that costs more than €245.00 per person. And that €245.00 in question is already a multi-course menu itself! The other delicious French dishes on the menu all cost less than €100.00 each. If that's not a great bargain, then what is?

Lunch Price: €90.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Le Taillevent

Restaurant Auguste

If there's one thing you can say about Restaurant Auguste, it's that they're pretty fair with their prices. And once you taste their amazing food, you might even think that they priced their menus too low! Imagine: €39.00 for a multi-course lunch menu, € 90.00 for a Discovery menu with two starters, fish and meat dishes respectively, a cheese course, and a dessert, and €154.00 for food and wine pairings. It's almost as if Restaurant Auguste is getting the short end of the deal here! But thanks to their reachable price points, their popularity as a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris only soars even higher!

Lunch Price: €39.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Gaël Orieux Facebook Page


Septime is already one of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris but its affordable prices are the cherries on top! Headed by chef Bertrand Grébaut, this culinary hotspot on Rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement is all about traditional French cuisine that's as local as it can get! For one thing, their produce is always fresh, so much so that you can practically taste the garden where the fruits and vegetables came from and the sea where the fish were caught. As for their dishes? Think smoked roasted cauliflower with onion and mustard or roasted shallot and fig and juniper juice. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Lunch Price: €65.00

Dinner Price: €110.00

The Most Affordable Michelin-Starred Hotspots in Paris
Source: Septime

If you thought all of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris were expensive, think again! There are still a few affordable hotspots that the Michelin Guides saw worthy enough to reward a star or two (or more!).

Important Note: the prices listed here may change on the restaurants’ discretion. Make sure to check out their respective websites to see their updated price lists.

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2 bedrooms1 bathroom4-2
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1 bedroom1 bathroom3-2

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