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Why You Should Join The Paris Marathon

March 06, 2022
The Paris Marathon is just around the corner. One of the biggest athletics events in the French capital, it's an iconic race that many people, both locals and tourists alike, look forward to year after year. There are even a ton of people, some of which have never been to Paris at all, who dream of taking part in it. But why should you? Or rather, what makes the Paris marathon so important that it draws thousands of participants each year? Let's look into this world-renowned event and see why people dream and even work hard to join the Paris marathon.

Why You Should Join The Paris Marathon

It's a World-Famous Event

Surely, among the many items on your bucket list, one of them has to be about partaking in a world event. No matter how farfetched they seem, you've probably had dreams such as taking part in the Olympics, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, and the like, right? Well, participating in the Paris Marathon is a similar and more reachable feat. Even if you're not all that familiar with the world of track and field, joining this iconic race is still a pretty big deal. Sure, your name might not be in the history books, but your experience will serve as a valuable memory you can share with your kids, grandkids, and beyond.

Meet Runners from Around The World

It's not an exaggeration when they say that runners from all over the world join the Paris Marathon each year. In fact, according to various statistics, around 40% of all participants are foreigners who traveled to the French capital just to take part in the race. 35% of them are French citizens who come from outside of Paris while the remaining 25% are local Parisians. And what better way to introduce yourself and get to know people than partaking in this world-famous event together? You won't even have to worry about social customs and the like too! Simply sharing this experience together will connect you with each other in more ways than one!

Why You Should Join The Paris Marathon

A Great Way to Maintain Fitness

You don't need anyone to tell you that running is a great form of exercise. It will keep your adrenaline pumping, tone your physique, and keep your body in tip-top shape. Of course, you can always enjoy a jog all throughout the French capital when you have some free time, but why not partake in a world-famous event while you're at it. Joining the Paris Marathon isn't just a workout in and of itself, but preparing for it will have you training unlike any other. It's the determination and motivation behind it all that will help your body stay fit and healthy.

Discover Other Parts of Paris

You may think you know Paris but wait until you actually get to run all over the city! With 42.195 kilometers of the French capital on offer, it's highly likely that you'll discover new and exciting places while you're in the race. After all, the many districts and neighborhoods in Paris have their own fair share of hidden gems. The city has a lot of underrated sights to offer, some of which are even more fascinating than the iconic sites you've already seen. So when you're running in the Paris Marathon, keep your eyes peeled on various spots you might want to visit after the race!

Why You Should Join The Paris Marathon

It's The Best Weather in Paris

According to Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 romantic comedy, 'Sabrina,' Paris smells its sweetest after a bit of rain. 'It's the damp chestnuts trees, you see,' she says so gently. Whether you agree with that or not depends on you, however, there's no denying that Paris, both in and after the rain, is still quite magical. And sometimes, rain falls on the Paris Marathon even when runners are soaking wet trodding down puddle-filled streets. April showers are common in the French capital, after all, and once those raindrops touch your sweat-soaked body while you run, you'll feel totally energized!

Win Thousands of Euros

Make no mistake: the Paris Marathon won't have you running tens of thousands of kilometers just for nothing! If you're lucky enough to be one of the first few runners to cross the finish line, you can win tens of thousands of Euros too! Specifically, the first-place prize is $63,000.00, second-place is $38,000.00, and third-place is $25,000.00. And that's for both men's and women's each! Though these prizes might not seem like a lot, getting to stay in the French capital, where many living costs are sky-high, you'll want to do your best to win it all!

Why You Should Join The Paris Marathon

The Paris marathon is among the most iconic, historic, and famous of its kind in the world. It invited participants from all around the globe and its prestige knows no bounds. If you're a runner yourself and you plan to be in Paris around April, you ought to think about joining it!



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