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Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

May 06, 2021
Tall skyscrapers, giant companies with thousands of employees, big offices, and the world's most famous financial district. Yep, this is all New York! Manhattan, to be exact! If there's one place that truly defines 'big business,' it's the 'Big Apple!' Just by looking at it alone, you already feel the big money pouring in, being spent, and ultimately, being earned! And of course, in such a city, there will be a lot of places where strong-suited business people will go out for a good lunch or two. If you're one of those big-wigs, where should you take out your client? Here's a couple of excellent suggestions!

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York



With so many historic and beloved tourist spots in the city, there's bound to be one place that will be inside one of these popular sites. And on this list, it's Agern. Where is this prestigious restaurant locate,d you ask? Oh, just in the iconic Grand Central Station! How's that for impressive? If you're taking out clients that are from another country—especially if it's their first time in New York—you'll probably make quite an impact if this is where you take them. Haute cuisine within a world-famous landmark? Consider your deal sealed even before you take your first bite! 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: Agern Restaurant Facebook Page



When taking out clients on a business lunch, especially in a city like New York, it pays to give them a unique dining experience. One that they may not have had with other businessmen/women from other companies. Add to that, make it a luxurious meal too! And a great place for such is Augustine over at Wall Street. Firstly, the place is probably already near where you work, so you and your clients don't have to endure the brutal Manhattan traffic. Secondly, this high-class French restaurant looks out of this world, or at least, out of this century. It sports a classic vintage appeal that will likely impress your clients even more! 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: Augustine


Avra Estiatorio

when you think of New York food, you probably only think of either Italian, Mexican, or Chinese cuisines. And it's not your fault either! Those communities do have the biggest presence here in the "Big Apple" and their food are all tasty! However, an underrated cuisine that's very New York is Greek. Oftentimes, it's this rich Mediterranean cuisine that many prominent executives from all around the world would want to have, even in New York. So why not take your client to Avra Estiatorio? It's refined space tha serves authentic Greek dishes. Simple, strong, and truly impressive! 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: The Avra Group


Brasserie 8 ½

Even though New York is practically an international city, it does have its own vibe, itosn spirit, and its own identity. And more often than not, people from overseas, regardless of thewhy they're there in the first place, would like to see this in person. If you're tasked to schmooze you way into sealing a deal with a foreign executive and he/she wants to experience what New York is really like, take him/her to the Brasserie 8 1/2. With its cool and buzzing atmosphere, this is their best taste of the Manhattan lifestyle during their business trip to the "Big Apple." 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: Brasserie 8 1/2



Your client probably flew hundreds or even thousands of miles to go to New York. They're there on a business trip, sure, but they also probably want to experience what New York is really about. For your business lunch with them, choose Fred's over at Madison Avenue. Not only does this elegant hotspot serve true-blue American cuisine, but tit's also become a huge favorite among the rich and famous. Heck, you just might see one of them dining there during your lunch! And what a treat that will be to your client! He/she will never forget it! 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: Freds



As the saying goes, either go big or go home! When you're on your way to seal a big deal for your company, you have to go all in and be in it to win it! It's not enough that you take them somewhere fancy. They've probably been to a dozen places like that before, even in New York. For a very important, career-changing move, there's really only one place that's suitable: Manhatta! Perched on the 60th floor of a New York skyscraper, it gives magnificent views of the city's iconic skyline. If, in business, you want to be on top of the world, take your client to that spot! 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: Manhatta Facebook Page


The Dutch

Of course, not all clients are the same. Many might appreciate going all out, while some would prefer a more intimate setting when talking business. And in a busy city like New York, such spots aren't that easy to find. But when you do, make sure to take your client with you too! One such place is The Duitch over at 131 Sullivan street. Not only does it have a sumptuous menu of delectable chicken and seafood dishes, it's also a fairly quiet establishment where you can be secure that no one from another company is snooping at your business! In this town, that's very important! 

Excellent Restaurants for a Business Lunch in New York

Source: The Dutch


New York may be the "concrete jungle where dreams are made of," but it's also where big business deals are sealed to make those dreams come true! Oftentimes, those deals are made over some of the best culinary hotspots in town. And it's important that you know where they are! 



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