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Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants

February 25, 2022
If there's one city where you're sure to find at least one Michelin-starred restaurant, it's Rome. One of the most prominent food capitals in the world, the Italian capital is a foodie's paradise. You can go in circles in this city and you'll still find at least one place that the Michelin Guides have paid close attention to. And among those high-class establishments, there are a chosen few that stand out. They personify Italian and Roman cuisine at its finest, serving authentic local cuisine paired with a first-class ambiance. These are the hotspots you really ought to check out when you're in Rome!

Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants


It's easy to overlook it since its meaty dishes often reign supreme but Italian cuisine is pretty seafood-oriented as well. Here in Rome, the one Michelin-starred restaurant, Acquolina, stands proof of that. Headed by chef Daniele Lippi, this hotspot's seafood selections are what make it so popular. From trout and sea urchins to red mullet and prawn pasta, you'll truly get to taste the Mediterranean sea and all its glory here. It's no wonder the Michelin Guides also took notice of this place!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Acquolina


Located in The H'All Tailor Suite Hotel in Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, All’Oro is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome that will leave you satisfied from beginning to end. For most foodie hotspots, their efforts are often only focused on the main course, making the other parts of the mean pale in comparison. Head chef Riccardo Di Giacinto, however, doesn't work like that. From start to finish, he aims to make each course taste better than the last. Especially with fascinating creations such as tiramisu of potatoes and cod and bacon, among many others!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: All’Oro


Thanks to its incredible view of the Colosseum, AROMA is definitely a Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome worth checking out. You'll dine so close to the world-famous site that you almost couldn't believe it, as if you were in a Fellini film or something. But AROMA, in fact, is a real rooftop hotspot that serves authentic Italian food at its finest. From the many kinds of pasta to regional meaty options you wouldn't have expected in Rome, this place offers up a culinary journey you won't soon forget!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: AROMA Restaurant Facebook Page

Il Pagliaccio

With two Michelin stars under its belt, Il Pagliaccio is a Roman hotspot worth your while. Located on Via dei Banchi Vecchi, right smack at the center of all the neighborhoods of Rome, this is the type of place that will be pretty hard to reserve a table. That's how popular it is. And its fame is thanks in large part to its multi-course menus of Italian and Roman dishes, each more delicious than the next. Whether you're on a date or a business lunch here, the food will knock your socks off!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Ristorante Il Pagliaccio Facebook Page


As the in-house restaurant of Hotel Hassler Roma, Imàgo was already a popular hotspot, to begin with. But there's no denying that when it earned a Michelin star, its popularity increased tenfold. Firstly, the sixth-floor space that offers amazing views of the city is already a winner. Imagine indulging in delicious Italian food as you bask in the 'Eternal City' in all its historic glory. It's no wonder the Michelin Guides took notice! Then there's the menu! With such showstoppers like a raw seafood platter or Cacciatora-style chicken, one star isn't even enough!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Hotel Hassler Roma Facebook Page

La Pergola

Nestled in the famous Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, La Pergola is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome that's as dreamy as ever. Firstly, there's the amazing view of the Italian capital from up here. You'll feel as if you're on top of the world when you peek out into Rome, especially while you enjoy a heavenly Italian feast fit for royalty. With dishes like fillet of veal with broccoli and cabbage and turbot with winter scents, you really will get bang for your buck and more!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel Facebook Page

La Tavola, il Vino e la Dispensa

While its name—La Tavola, il Vino e la Dispensa—is already quite the mouthful, the mouthful of extraordinary Italian dishes is what will leave a lasting impression. Headed by German gourmet chef Oliver Glowig, this two-time Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome offers exciting variations of classic traditional cuisine. There's Mozzarella soup, Risotto all'Amatriciana, and Roman-style gnocchi with raw red prawns, peas, and mint, among many others. Moreover, since the hotspot is located beside the Termini railway station, it's easy to get here via public transport. Talk about convenience!
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: La Tavola, il Vino e la Dispensa

La Terrazza

As the in-house restaurant of Hotel Eden, you can already expect first-class food and service in La Terrazza. Pair that with the panoramic views of Rome that you can see from here and you've already got a winner! But even beyond that, what truly makes this Roman Michelin-starred restaurant so exceptional is its head chef, Fabio Ciervo. This gourmet expert makes use of organic ingredients and natural herbs to concoct his menu of traditional Italian cuisine. What's not to love?
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Dorchester Collection.com

Marco Martini

Marco Martini may be a young Italian chef, but his restaurant on Viale Aventino has earned a much-deserved Michelin star, becoming one of the most notable foodie hotspots in all of Rome. As well as the most popular during lunchtime! Martini is known for his amazing lunch menus, each more tantalizing than the next. For starters, you could choose between sour cream-topped salmon or cuttlefish with seaweed and miso. For your main course, you can either get spaghettone with lupins, chicory, and bottarga or mushroom0stuffed fettuccine with Parmigiano and marjoram. And for dessert, it's a toss-up between Ricotta cheese with pear and chocolate or cheese and fruit mustard. What's not to love?
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Marco Martini Restaurant Cocktail bar Facebook Page


And finally, there's Metamorfosi. Colombian-born chef Roy Caceres opened this chic Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome in the hopes of combining fusing both his Latin American roots with European cuisine. And the result? A fabulous hotspot that turns Italian food on its head. From the pasta to the risotto, Caceres's endless experimentations on culinary favorites draw in more people who are eager to taste some of the most fascinating dishes in Rome.
Rome’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants
Source: Metamorfosi restaurant Facebook Page

The many Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome further prove that the 'Eternal City' really does deserve to be called one of the finest food capitals of the world. These hotspots serve delicious food and amazing ambiances that are almost too good to be true!

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