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Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

May 06, 2021
They say that Rome is the 'Eternal City,' especially for the sight and the soul. Well, what many people might often forget is that the Italian capital is also the 'Eternal City' for the stomach. The city is full of both high-class restaurants and home-owned hidden gems just waiting for the hungry foodies to explore them. In fact, even some of the biggest businessmen in the world get to be foodies here. Since Rome is one of the major cities in the world—as well as the country's capital—a lot of big business happens here. This makes the city a haven for business lunches, and here are some top places to go for!

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome


Antico Arco

It's easy to think that the best types of restaurants fit for a business lunch are those with fantastic views or even hordes of crowds. This is mostly because an impressive establishment usually has one or two of these that makes them a popular hotspot. However, when you think about it, do you really want such distractions when you're sealing a huge business deal with your clients? If not, then the intimate Antico Arco is your kind of place. With its cream-colored walls and enclosed setting, it's the type of private spot where you can do business all-meal-long! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Antico Arco



Sometimes, it pays to invite your colleagues and clients over to a place that hits all the senses. And the beautiful Bistrot64 restaurant in Rome is just that! A fusion of Italian and Japanese cuisines—two of the tastiest in the world—your fellow businessmen/women will likely be impressed with your pick of the spot. There's arguably no other establishment in all of the Italian capital that gives as much attention to every detail, from how your dish looks to how it smells. And if you're lucky, your clients' senses will be so enchanted that they'll have no choice but to do business with you again! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Bistrot64


Da Felice

If there's one place you should eat at in Rome, regardless if it's for a business lunch or not, it's Da Felice. It used to be one of the most exclusive hotspots in the capital, but mostly because of its founder and owner, the late Felice Trivelloni was very picky with who we wanted to dine at his place. Only when his son, Franco, took over the reins tha the restaurant became more open. And thank goodness that it did. This place serves some of the most authentic Roman dishes in the entire city. The rich taste just jumps and dominates your taste buds! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: FeliceTestaccio.it



It's important to remember that, in a business lunch, the business should always come first! Sure, a delicious meal might help, but at the end of the day, if what you focused on was merely the food, then you should have just set up a meeting in your office and done the business there. In an ideal business lunch setting, the food is only complementary to the actual objective at hand. This is probably why Epiro has vastly become a very popular hotspot for such! The aces in their menu are mostly their entrees: scrumptious appetizers that are as good as their main dishes themselves. And when you're doing big business, it's often better to have these for lunch. 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Epiro Roma Facebook Page



Still, at times, there will be clients who you'll really need to impress in order to seal the deal with them. Some businessmen/women know what they're worth, and often times, they'll want to be impressed. If you're inviting such people out to lunch for business, a great place would be Guilia. With its magnificent views of the capital and equally magnificent menu, you're essentially giving your clients a feast for the eyes and their stomachs. In cities like Rome, practically nothing beats eating at a place that gives you such a sight of the city! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Giulia Restaurant Facebook Page


Il Pagliaccio

Here's another fusion place at the heart of Rome: Il Pagliaccio. Set up by the acclaimed culinary master, Anthony Genovese, this neat and slightly intimate restaurant offers dynamic twists to an otherwise classic Roman menu. Before opening this up, Genovese worked in several countries perfecting his craft. He has traveled and worked in France, Japan, and Thailand, among other things. And as a result, he's able to incorporate all of what he has learned into the many of this beautiful hot spot. Tantalize your colleagues' and clients' taste buds with the sumptuous East-meets-West dishes that are served here! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Il Pagliaccio



If you really want to impress your clients with a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Rome, take them to Imàgo. Firstly, the location is truly top-notch. Perched on the rooftop of the famous Hotel Hassler, which itself is situated near the stunning Spanish Steps, the views you get from here are extraordinary. And paired with the first-class menu of fine Italian cuisine, it only gets better! Trust that by the end of the meal, both you and your clients will shake hands and come away feeling full and happy with your business! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Hotel Hassler Roma


Per Me

Rome has its own alfresco charm that makes it such a romantic place to be in. Walk through the streets of the "Eternal City" and you'll see countless places looking like they're straight out of a rom-com or something! But what do these places have to do with finding the best for a business lunch? For one thing, intimacy is key to building a strong relationship with your clients. So if you want to ensure that they'll do business with you in the long run, take them  Per Me. With its beautiful vine-decorated exterior and scrumptious seafood menu, your clients will truly appreciate you bringing them there.

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: GuilioTerrinino.it



Sometimes, a touch of daintiness and delicacy wouldn't hurt.  Especially if your clients or colleagues aren't in the mood for something heavy. But most of the Italian cuisine is heavy right, so where will you take them if they just want something to fill their stomachs and nothing more?? Pianoalto! Think seasonal entrees, fresh salads, light pasta, and sweet treats for dessert. It also doesn't hurt that the place is as pretty as a picture, with flowers blooming in every corner. This is the sort of place where you simply want to have a nice time, and that's perfect for business lunches too! 

Top Picks for a Business Lunch in Rome

Source: Pinoalto


Rome is truly the "Eternal City," both for food and for business. If you're here to do business with people, you're in luck! The Italian capital boasts of stunning and appropriate places to have the best business lunches in. By the end of the meal, you'll be winning big!



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