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Top Five French Rom-Coms on Netflix

February 06, 2022
Although February is known as the 'month of love' because of Valentine's Day, it's also among the coldest of the year in France. Even if you're celebrating this annual holiday in Paris, regarded as one of, if not the most romantic city in the world, you'll barely get to enjoy its splendor if you're too cold to go out. So, if you prefer to cozy up with your special someone in your luxury home in Paris instead, why not watch a movie while you're at it. There are tons of great French romance films on Netflix that are perfect for this sort of occasion!

Top Five French Rom-Coms on Netflix

Friendzone (2021)

Just by the title alone, you can already tell what kind of love problems the protagonist of 'Friendzone' has to face. Curly-haired Thibault (played by Mickaël Lumière) is your archetypal 'good guy' who's desperately devoted to his friend, Rose (played by Eva Danino). Since the latter is a sweet and beautiful girl who runs her own children's clothing company, Thibault feels that acting nice and becoming a best friend will one day lead him out of the friendzone. But try as he might, he can't seem to find progress in his relationship with Rose, leading his three female friends to stage a much-needed makeover!
Source: Netflix France YouTube Channel

An Easy Girl (2019)

More so a dramedy and a rom-com, the 2019 film 'An Easy Girl' is set in the dreamy Mediterranean city of Cannes. It tells the story of Naima (played by Mina Farid), a 16-year-old girl in Cannes, and how her free-spirited cousin, Sofia (Zahia Dehar) changed her life forever. As the two girls spend time with each other one fateful summer, Sofia's extravagant lifestyle, full of partying, swimming topless, and the like, turns Naima's life upside down. The former's influence has Naima thinking that, perhaps, she too can take charge of her own life just like her cousin.
Source: sdm media YouTube Channel

Wedding Unplanned (2017)

You never really know how one mistake can change everything. Take Mathias (played by Nicolas Duvauchelle), for instance, in the 2017 rom-com, 'Wedding Unplanned.' When his girlfriend Alexia (played by Julia Piaton) discovers a wedding planner's business card in his pocket, she immediately takes it as a sign of his future proposal. Not wanting to wait any longer, she agrees to marry him on the spot, without even knowing that the business card belongs to Juliette (played by Reem Kherici), a woman Mathias has been seeing behind her back. And so, just to keep his relationship afloat, this two-timing man has his mistress plan his wedding to his oblivious girlfriend. A whole lot of hilarity ensues.
Source: Unifrance YouTube Channel

Un + Une (2015)

Academy Award-winning Jean Dujardin stars in this breathtaking 2015 French romantic comedy set in India entitled, 'Un + Une.' Set to compose a score for an Indian adaptation of 'Romeo and Juliet,' Antoine Abeilard (played by Dujardin) gets into a forbidden romance of his own with Anna Hamon (played by Elsa Zylberstein), wife of the French ambassador to India (played by Christophe Lambert). It was bad enough that Anna, who instantly captures Antoine's attention, is already married to an easily jealous diplomat, one that he ought not to offend, but Antoine himself has a pianist girlfriend (played by Alice Pol) back home who proposed to him just as he landed in India.
Source: Movieclips Indie YouTube Channel

Blind Date (2015)

Mélanie Bernier and Clovis Cornillac star in a delightful 2015 screwball romantic comedy, 'Blind Date.' Set in Paris, Bernier plays 'Machine,' a bespectacled piano teacher who simply wants peace and quiet as she teaches her students. It was just her luck that she moves right next to Machin (played by Cornillac), a recluse toy inventor who isn't exactly the quiet neighbor in town. With only a thin wall to separate them, these neighbors turn into the stereotypical enemies-to-lovers pair, but not before they hold an all-out war of annoying each other to the max!
Source: Unifrance YouTube Channel

You can always trust the French when it comes to romance, especially in film! If you're looking to watch a movie for a little 'Netflix and chill,' consider these French-language rom-coms that are available to stream on the platform.

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