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Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve

December 21, 2021
There's nothing quite like starting the new year with a great meal. Appetizing appetizers, fulfilling main courses, and delectable desserts to end the feast right. Most especially in a city like Rome, regarded as one of the 'food capitals of the world,' indulging in its fine cuisine is practically a bonafide holiday tradition. But if you are here to celebrate New Year's Eve, where will you eat? The Italian capital has so many incredible hotspots, you'd have a hard time choosing where to go. Well, to help you out, here are some standout options you might want to check out!

Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve

UPDATE: Due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19, some of the places listed in this article may be closed on New Year's Eve. Please be advised.


For a holiday like New Year's, you'll want to eat somewhere special. And in a place like Rome, where food is as holy as the Vatican itself, you can safely say that practically all the foodie hotspots here are, in one way or another, special. But eating out on a boat docked along the banks of the Tiber River is a whole new kind of 'special.' The kind of swaying and sailing hotspot that Audrey Hepburn danced on in 'Roman Holiday,' Baja is a boat restaurant that serves a special multi-course menu every New Year's Eve. Of course, the pièce de résistance here is the great view of the city's fireworks displays once the clock strikes twelve!
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Baja

Casa Bleve

Located on Via del Teatro Valle, right behind the famous pantheon, Casa Bleve is already easy enough to get to, whether you're taking public transport or not. At least, thanks to this, there's no chance you'll be late for your reservation here on December 31st! And what should you expect when you get here? Amazing wine! Though Casa Bleve is a well-known place to eat, it's actually more famous as one of the finest public wine cellars in the Italian capital. Paired with delicious food, you'll be popping open bottles left and right until it's the new year!
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Casa Bleve

Il Corallo

If there's one Italian dish that you'd probably crave the moment you step out in Rome, it's pizza! Though the city is known for a variety of traditional food, when you get a whiff of a freshly-baked pie that was just taken out of the oven, you'll definitely want a slice or two. And if you happen to get this craving on New Year's Eve, the best place to go to is Il Corallo! This wonderfully charming pizzeria behind Piazza Navona offers all sorts of flavors, perfect to fill you up just as the past year ends. They also serve up a special New Year's Eve menu complete with a fine selection of wine too!
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Il Corallo Facebook Page


Let's face it: sometimes, the reason why you want to go to a certain place isn't because of its food, ambiance, and the like. It's the fact that you're broke! Or rather, you're sticking to a strict budget this time around. It's no secret that the living costs in Rome are sky high and it's pretty understandable if you can only spend up to a certain amount for your New Year's Eve dinner. And if this is your case this year, a great option is Ketumbar! Located on Via Galvani, you can get enjoy a sumptuous vegetarian feast for only around €100.00 (€20.00 for kids) per person, and that already comes with drinks too! What's not to love?
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Ketumbar Roma Facebook Page


Located on the famous Via Flaminia, Marzapane is tucked away in one of the quieter and less busy districts in Rome. If you're up for a more peaceful New Year's Eve celebration, perhaps even a romantic dinner for the holiday, this place is one of your best bets! As for the food here, its traditional selection of pastas, risottos, seafood, and more will truly enrich your final moments of the year. They offer both six and eight-course menus specifically for the holidays, a chef table menu wherein the head honchos themselves will pick the best dishes that are right for your tastes or are the most delicious at the moment.
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Marzapane Roma Facebook Page

Osteria dell’Ingegno

Another cozy little hotspot that'll help you ring in the new year without too much fuss is Osteria dell’Ingegno! Although it's located on Piazza di Pietra, it's actually tucked away in the corner, overlooking the ruins of the Temple of Hadrian. It's the typical alfresco hotspot that Rome—and practically all of Italy—is known and beloved for. A charming restaurant that allows you to dine on delicious Italian cuisine while the glorious temple looms over you as if history is watching you eat and have the time of your lives. Chill and calm, this is more for a relaxing dinner before you go out and party hard for the New Year!
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Osteria dell’Ingegno


Why stop at enjoying the food in Rome when you can actually watch the culinary maestros in action? Thanks to Retrobottega's open kitchen concept, you can observe how your food is prepared as you wait in hungry anticipation. There's just something about watching your order gets made that'll make you even hungrier and, in turn, makes enjoying it even more fulfilling. But, before anything else, you can also opt for an aperitivo from Retrovino, the new coffee & wine shop that this establishment just opened. Doing so is the proper Italian way to drink wine and start the meal, after all!
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: Retrobottega Facebook Page

TAVOLA Bottiglieria e Cucina

Finally, if you're in the Prati neighborhood of Rome, you can always stop by TAVOLA Bottiglieria e Cucina for your New Year's Eve dinner! This place is pretty unique in that it features both Roman and Apulian cuisines on its menu, giving you a taste of other parts of Italy. There aren't many places in Rome, especially in this part of the city, that actually allow you to indulge in the different sides of Italian cuisine. If you've never been to Puglia yourself, then wouldn't eating its food be a first for you here? And wouldn't doing something new be a great way to start the new year too?
Where To Eat in Rome During New Year's Eve
Source: TAVOLA Bottiglieria e Cucina

You always trust the food capital that is Rome to feed you the most delicious food for New Year's Eve. If you want a more delicious way to start the new year right, you'll find lots of places to satisfy all your cravings in this city!

If you fancy yourself a food cook, you can always enjoy your own home-cooked New Year's feast in your own luxury home in Rome!



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