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How To Get To Puglia

August 05, 2021
It's no secret that when you look at Italy on the world map, the country looks like it's shaped like a boot. And who'd ever thought that this funny-looking place would be home to some of the most historic cities, the most beautiful beaches, and most exotic paradises in the world. In this 'boot,' one of the most amazing places to go to is definitely the 'heel' part, also known as Puglia. This southern region in Italy looks like a dream and even though it's a good distance away from the country's major cities, it's actually easy to get here.

How To Get To Puglia

Flying to Puglia

As you might expect, flying to Puglisi is the fastest and most common way to get here. Just like Sardinia, the region has a couple of main airports for its port of entry. The main two, the Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport and the Brindisi Airport, welcome international flights from all over the world. Not to mention from other parts of Italy as well. Just make sure you have your Schengen Visa ready—and vaccine passport for good measure!—with you and you're good to go. Though there are other smaller airports in Puglia as well but they do not serve international flights.

Taking The Train

You can also take the train to Puglia. If you're already in Italy, particularly in the areas near the Apulia region, it'll be easy for you to travel to Puglia by train. Fortunately, both the national railway service, Ferrovie Dello Stato, and the Adriatic railway system, travel to and from the region, giving you a myriad of options depending on where you're coming from. No matter where you're departing from, the four main railway stations in Puglia are those in Foggia, Bari, Brindisi, Lecce, and Taranto. Always check the timetable—easily via a transportation app!—to know what time your train will depart and arrive in the region.

How To Get To Puglia

Riding The Bus

Did you miss your train to Puglia? Don't worry! Another way to get here is by bus! Although it's the most time-consuming option, it's also the most affordable and arguably the easiest. And if you're a tourist who's traveling to Puglia for the first time, the many stops along the way will make your trip even more memorable. For now, there are five different bus services that travel to Puglia. They include Lentini Autolinee, Marino Bus, Marozzi, Miccolis, and Scoppio. The good thing about them is that they depart from the big cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, and more.

Boarding Ferries

Since Puglia is a coastal region, it's also easy to get here via a ferry. In fact, you can even travel to Puglia by boat when you're coming from other European countries. There are three main ports of entry in the region, namely the ones in Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto. You're lucky if you're coming from Albania, Montenegro, or Greece because there are ferries that sail to the port of Bari every day. If you're coming from Turkey, Greece, or Albania, on the other hand, expect to arrive at the port of Brindisi instead. And if you're coming from other Mediterranean countries, the Middle East, or even from China, the port of Taranto is the most open to you!

Driving To Puglia

While all these options are all well and good, there's something to be said about taking a road trip to Puglia. To get to this region, you'll need to pass by a few notable routes, namely Autostrada, Superstrada, and Strada Statale. Out of the three, Autostrada is the best one to take as it will get you there faster than the other two. However, it will still depend on where you're coming from. Nevertheless, driving to Puglia allows you to better enjoy the views of Italy, Puglia, and beyond, making it the best option if it's your first time in the country.

How To Get To Puglia

The southern region of Puglia in Italy is so beautiful and such a paradise, it's almost as if it's impossible to get here. As if it only exists in your dreams. The reality, however, is that it's actually easy to reach the area in a variety of ways!





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