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The Top Five French Men's Footwear Brands

November 21, 2021
On the topic of shoes, it's always the womenswear brands that most people talk about. After all, women's footwear has a lot more styles to offer. There are heels, flats, boots, and the like. It's no wonder that there's so much to talk about in this particular category. However, this doesn't mean that shoe brands for men are any less worthwhile. Especially the French labels. Trust the fashion capital of the world to offer men's footwear brands that are high-quality, stylish, and worth talking about. Here are a few names you ought to know.

The Top Five French Men's Footwear Brands


The fact that the French government considers Aubercy as a “Living Heritage Company” should tell you how prestigious of a brand it is. Founded in 1935, this family-owned business embodies French shoemaking craft down to a tee. From then up until now, they continue their traditions in producing some of the finest pairs of shoes that gentlemen all around the world can proudly wear. Ensuring quality and elegance in equal measure, their footwear is the type that will always pair well with designer menswear brands, no matter the look. Buying shoes from Aubercy will always be a worthy investment. Source: Aubercy Instagram Page


From well-constructed leather shoes to French Alps-ready ski boots, Heschung is all about sturdy footwear. Having been founded in the Alsace region in 1934, it's been this label's tradition to create the strongest pairs possible. Although they fit any sort of weather and climate, Heschung has become known for being the best footwear brand to keep your feet warm and toasty in cold environments. In fact, if you want luxurious winter-ready footwear, this is the brand to invest in. But don't think that functionally trumps fashionable appeal with Heschung. Their footwear looks just as good as they are strong and sturdy. Source: Heschung Official Instagram Page

Jacques & Démétier

Blake stitching, Norwegian storm welts, and Goodyear welting. If you're familiar with these techniques you can thank Cholet-born French footwear brand, Jacques & Déméter. The company didn't exactly invent these techniques, but they've used them time and time again that they've contributed to their popularity. Quality and creativity go hand-in-hand with this label, but craftsmanship takes top priority. On the outside, their leather shoes, suede boots, and more look utterly luxurious. The kind of pairs you'd expect from a French brand. But upon closer inspection, you'll truly understand what the saying 'God is in the details' truly means. Even just by wearing it, you'll instantly feel the level of craftsmanship and the amount of time and effort to make such a footwear masterpiece Source: Jacques & Démétier Instagram Page/ @karimlouiba

J.M. Weston

Known as one of the finest French designer footwear brands, J.M. Weston is undoubtedly the most influential of them all. And although it has since ventured into women's shoes, it has maintained its position as the top men's footwear label, not just in France, but in the rest of the world. It's also one of the oldest, having been founded in 1891 by Édouard Blanchard when he set up his shoe factory in Limoges. Embracing quality over everything else, J.M Weston has produced and reinvented countless styles and has made them their own over the past century or so. Source: J.M. Weston Official Instagram Page

Maison Corthay

Before becoming the French ready-to-wear footwear behemoth, Pierre Corthay was simply a bespoke shoemaker working in his humble Paris boutique in the 1970s. It wasn't later, in the 1990s, that he really made his brand boom. And while Maison Corthay is probably the most affordable among these designer shoe brands, their pairs still range from €885.48 to €3,541.94 ($1,000.00 to $4,000.00). It's no surprise considering that the brand still follows the handmade tradition that Pierre Corthay established all those years ago. Be it a casual pair of Oxfords or fine-crafted boots, any gentleman will feel as if his shoes were made exactly for him. Source: Maison Corthay Instagram Page

The French know a lot about luxury footwear, particularly for men! Any of these five notable footwear brands will have the right pair for your needs, be they for casual wear, business purposes, or to help you look good for a special occasion!

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