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Travel Tips To Follow in Kefalonia

October 07, 2021
When it comes to the Greek Islands, as beautiful as they are, it's easy to think that once you've seen one, you've seen them all. They all offer the same things, right? They all have beautiful beaches, charming towns, great Greek food, and more. But be that as it may, each island is truly unique. Take Kefalonia, for instance. If you travel here as if you're traveling to another island like Mykonos or Santorini, you won't have a good time here at all. You'll need to follow some certain travel tips so that you can really have a marvelous stay in Kefalonia.

Travel Tips To Follow in Kefalonia

Know What Kind of Trip You Want

First thing's first, know what kind of trip you want to have when you travel to Kefalonia. If it's your first time here, you'll probably want to see as many sights and go to as many tourist spots as you can, right? If so, you'll probably exert all your energy in exploring the island. Meanwhile, if you're simply going here for leisure, your number one priority is to relax. You'll probably only want to go to beaches, eat food, and spend time lazying around. Whichever it is, knowing what kind of trip you'll have in Kefalonia will serve as the basis for how you want to spend your time here.

Plan Your Trip on Spring or Summer

Now, if you already know what kind of trip you want to have to Kefalonia, it'll be easier for you to decide when you want to go here. If you plan to go sightseeing and have an adventure on the Greek island, it's better to go here in spring, from April to May, where the weather is mild enough that you won't get a heatstroke from spending time outside. Whether you're strolling through Kefalonia's towns or seeing the unique sights, it's easier to do this during the cooler months of spring. Meanwhile, if you intend to spend most of your days at the beach, resting and relaxing to your heart's content, going here during summer, from June to August, is the better option.

Travel Tips To Follow in Kefalonia

Pack Light Clothing

Remember that the Greek Islands, and Greece in general, rarely gets cold. Even if you go here during winter, the weather is still milder than those in other European countries. So as far as what you need to pack is concerned, light clothing is enough. For guys, it's all about the crisp button-downs, fitted tees, comfy chinos, tank tops, and espadrilles. Meanwhile, for girls, there are sundresses, maxi dresses, caftans, loose oversized tees, cropped tops, and strappy flats. If you want to look stylish on the island, try to look as if you went on a shopping spree in Mykonos. Exude a Mediterranean look that's not only stylish but also comfortable! And if you still feel like you might get cold here, especially at night, a light cardigan or a thin sweater will do!

Take A Ferry to Get to Kefalonia

In terms of getting to Kefalonia, you only have two options: take a flight from Athens or take a ferry from mainland Greece or the other Greek Islands. And while the former is the more common and faster choice, the latter is a lot easier and more affordable. It's easier in the sense that if you miss your trip, you can just take the next trip as long as you buy the right tickets. Also, taking a ferry to Kefalonia only costs around €10.00 to €50.00 at most. And don't you think sailing away to any Greek Island is already a memorable adventure on its own?

Travel Tips To Follow in Kefalonia

Rent A Vehicle

When you finally get to Kefalonia, there's now the issue of how to get around here. Now, even though the island's public transport is alive and well, they only reach so far. There are some parts of the island, such as nature trails, remote beaches, and the like, that you can only get to via your own vehicle. So, although it's a bit of a hassle, renting a vehicle in Kefalonia may be more convenient than relying on public transport (or even using a transportation app for that matter!). An even better suggestion is to rent a motorbike or moped as they can zoom through the narrower parts of the island better than an actual car.

Bring More Than One Camera

To say that Kefalonia is full of Instagram-worthy places is an understatement! From its stunning coasts to its charming villages, this Greek island is a feast for the eyes. So much so that you might even need more than one camera to capture all of what you want to remember about the place. Though it may seem a hassle at first, you'll thank your lucky stars if you decide to bring another camera (or any other similar device) to Kefalonia. At least, if one loses its battery and you need to wait until it's charged enough to use again, you'll have another to capture all the amazing sights this island offers.

Carry A Tumbler

If Kefalonia is anything like Paros, another underrated Greek island, you better bring a tumbler for your trip here. Just like the latter, it's highly possible that the tap water on this island isn't drinkable. Hence, most of the places to eat around here sell bottles of water. But what if you no longer have any spare cash for another bottle of water? And that you're tired of pairing Greek wine with the local food here? Well, that's when your tumbler comes in handy. If you fill one up with clean, drinkable water, you won't have to spend a single cent to replenish as you explore the sunny island of Kefalonia!

Travel Tips To Follow in Kefalonia

No matter how much of a paradise Kefalonia is, if you don't travel here wisely, you won't have a fruitful stay here. Simply follow these helpful travel tips to ensure nothing goes wrong when you go to this beautiful Greek island!

Truly, one of the best tips to follow when traveling to Kefalonia is to get a luxury home here. It makes all the difference!