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The Best Transportation Apps to Use in Germany

September 06, 2021
Germany is, without a doubt, one of the most advanced countries in the world. Even though it's rich with centuries-old culture and an unmistakable heritage, Germany today is a forward-thinking nation. So it's only natural that it also has some of today's modern-day conveniences, not the least of which are transportation apps. These online programs help you get around no matter where you're coming from and where you're going. And rest assured, those that Germany has and those that operate here are helpful, efficient, and easy to use. Here are the best transportation apps to use in Germany.

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in Germany


Since Germany has banned the likes of Uber and Lyft from operating in the country, homegrown ride-hailing apps have since dominated here. One of the most popular is DriveNow, a car-sharing app. As opposed to standard programs of its kind where you can simply book a ride and a driver will be sent to your location, this app will allow you to 'borrow' a nearby 'floating' car at a minute or hourly rate. It's more like a short-term car rental service. Either way, you get to be at the driver's seat and it's your only chance to get your hands on vehicles you probably would've never dreamed of driving!


Europcar is one of the leading car rentals, not just in Germany, but in the entire world. You can use it anywhere in Europe, from Cannes to Istanbul and everything in-between. In Germany, it serves as to leading digital car rental service in the country. After a few taps, you'll instantly get a car for you to use throughout your stay in Germany. Now, its main difference with DriveNow is that the latter is more for short-term rental. Europcar, on the other hand, allows you to rent a car for a long as you need to while you're in Germany.

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in Germany


Now, if you prefer a more standard ride-hailing app, BlaBlaCar is a good option! Allowing you to book a ride no matter where you are in the country, it's an easy way to get around, especially during rush hour. It's most popular for its carpool option, allowing for multiple passengers to book the same ride all at once as long their destinations follow a single route. This is the app's most affordable option as opposed to single riders and the like. Furthermore, since Germany has reopened after the country has gone through what would hopefully be the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, BlaBlaCar has started operating again.


Waze is possible the most trustworthy transportation app in its existence. Operating around the world, most drivers use it to navigate their way through various places. This, of course, includes Germany! Waze serves as a state-of-the-art navigation app with a built-in voice activator and virtual assistant that shows you the best and quickest way to get to your destination. It even mentions real-time accidents, traffic jams, and your estimated time of arrival at your destination. All you have to do is input where you're headed and the rest is Waze's job. Pretty convenient, right?

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in Germany

Deutsche Bahn

If you're one to travel from one German city or state to the next by train, you'll need to download Deutsche Bahn's app! This railway company is in charge of most railway systems throughout the country, both inter-city railways and the subway systems in huge metropolises. The app shows you real-time information about these railways, including the current timetables, various stops & stations, as well as if there are accidents or incidents happening right now. Not to mention the option of purchasing your train ticket online so that you won't have to line up at the station anymore!


Speaking of public transport, if you're in Berlin, you'll need to download the BVG app. It stands for 'Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe,' the main public transport company in the Geman capital. From the underground railway to the various bus, tram, and ferry networks, this program has everything you need to get around Berlin. Not only will you get to know the schedules of each bus or tram route, or which underground train will arrive next to your station, but you can also purchase tickets for said systems online. It'll be very convenient to rely on this app when you're in this major city!

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in Germany


If you prefer to rent again instead of taking public transport, why not rent a bike instead of a car? After all, Most German cities are perfect for cycling! They're beautiful, the weather is often nice, and while many of these metropolises are bustling, the drivers are organized enough to not endanger cyclists on the road. Riding a bike to get around is a great way to stay fit and healthy too! So if you're up for it, download BBBike on your phone! This is the premier bike rental app in Germany. Just a few taps and you can get your bike and cycle your way through the country!


Finally, there's CityMapper, one of the most popular journey-planning apps in the world. It's particularly famous in Europe, operating in various places like Switzerland, Portugal, and more. In Germany, since the country is known for its urban cities, this is a great program to have on your phone. It shows you the different options to get to your destination, whether you drive your own car or take public transport. With valuable info such as the length of time of your travel, the difference in prices in public transport fees, and your estimated time of arrival, you can properly plan your trip with no problem at all!

The Best Transportation Apps to Use in Germany

Germany is a vast country full of bustling metropolises and busy towns. In order to travel around here, you might need the help of a few transportation apps that operate in the country. They'll help you get to your destination in no time!

Using a transportation app in Germany will inevitably help you get back to your luxury home here that much quicker!



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