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Transportation Apps to Get in Portugal

February 17, 2021
Thank goodness for technology, right? Though it has created a lot of problems these past few years, you also can't deny the convenience it brings to everyday life. From communicating with your loved ones who are far away to getting updated with the latest news, technology has helped the human race go so far. Arguably, the best convenience it has brought is easy transportation. Ride-hailing apps, navigating programs, and the like. Thanks to technology, it's a lot easier to get to where you need to be. Here in Portugal, there are a ton of transportation apps that you really ought to use!
Transportation Apps to Get in Portugal


No talk about transportation app is complete without mentioning Uber. The pioneering program of ride-hailing apps remains the most popular to this day, most especially in Portugal. Throughout many cities in the country, Uber now operates as the go-to transportation app for those who need a ride. And it wasn't even too long ago when it was banned from here! But thanks to their excellent service, easy program, and wide coverage among the cities, it's now one of the most used apps in the entire country. Not to mention it's also a fairly luxurious way to hitch a ride!


You can say that Lyft and Uber are practically the same things in terms of service offered and quality of service. But what exactly is the main difference? Here in Portugal, Lyft is a lot more affordable than Uber. While the latter is known for its luxurious cars and first-class service, the former is more for the common man. A great alternative that can help you book a price car or a taxi without having to pay too high a price. And for an app where people would probably use every single day, the difference in price matters!

Transportation Apps to Get in Portugal


As far as safety is concerned, Cabify is your best bet! It operates pretty much like Uber and Lyft but the company is arguably a lot more focused on ensuring the safety of the passenger. Though they're pretty open when it comes to hiring drivers, they make it a point that all of them are professional, knowledgeable about going around the city they're in, and, above all else, polite and kind. You'll have fewer chances of getting into trouble in a Cabify ride than you would when using any of the other apps!


Now, for any of you staying in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, this one's exclusively for you. Carris is actually a public transportation company that operates the buses, trams, and the like in Lisbon. If you're one to ride public transport in the city to go around the different districts, you'll want to download their app! It shows all the info you need in navigating their systems. Be it choosing the best route to take to get to your destination, the time when the next tram arrives at your station, and more, this app will tell you everything!

Transportation Apps to Get in Portugal


There's a reason why CityMapper is a popular app in many places around the world, from Thailand to Monaco. This program is the best ad detailing how your trip will go when you go on certain public transport systems. In fact, it's a great app to use to help you choose which to board. Whether it's cheaper to go via bus or train, what time your tram will reach your destination, and the directions to show your taxi driver to get to where you need to be sooner. How's that for helpful?


Admit it: having to buy a ticket to ride the bus, tram, train, and more is a bit of hassle. Most especially when you're in a hurry to get to your destination! Sure, it'd only take a couple of minutes, but when you're already running late, those couple of minutes matter a lot! Fortunately, here in Portugal, there's Tiquet, the premier ticketing app in the world. You can easily book a ride to any of the public transport systems in various cities in the country and you'll be good to go. They'd be electronic tickets too so you'll be helping with the environment at the same time.

Transportation Apps to Get in Portugal

There's no getting around the fact that using transportation apps has become an important part of daily life. Even in Portugal, the many programs that operate here will make traveling to any destination a lot easier and hassle-free!

Any of these transportation apps will help you get to your luxury home in Portugal with no problem at all!





Sintra, Portugal
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4 bedrooms3 bathrooms8
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Sintra, Portugal
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