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Germany Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

May 14, 2021
2020 impacted a lot of countries especially those in Europe. The Covid-19 pandemic, which started to spread in early 2020, hit the 'old continent' the hardest. At one point, the region became the epicenter of the disease. As a result, most European counties went into lockdown, clothing their borders and barring travel coming to and from there. This, of course, also includes Germany. For most of 2020, Germany, which was once one of the most visited countries in the world, became somewhat of a ghost town. But now, in 2021, it seems the country plans to reopen. Here's what you need to know!

Germany Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

As reported by USA Today, Germany has announced that it will ease its travel restrictions to travelers coming into the country. Starting this May, vaccinated travelers will no longer be required to undergo strict health protocols such as getting tested and going into quarantine upon arrival in Germany. That is if they provide proof of vaccination or they don't come from countries where variants of Covid-19 are prevalent. For non-vaccinated travelers, the updated travel restrictions allow them to end their quarantine early if they tested negative while already in the country. These new updates come as Germany seeks to revive its tourism just in time for summer.

For now, travelers coming from EU member states and countries the Union includes in their 'safe list' are allowed to enter Germany with little to no restrictions. As long as they provide valid proof of vaccination, test negative, or recovery from Covid-19. Specifically, the EU's 'safe list' includes Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. These are countries that the Union has recognized as having low infection rates. Meanwhile, travelers coming from other countries, especially those they deem have high infection rates, will be required to go into a ten-day quarantine upon arrival, regardless if they've been vaccinated or not.

Germany is on track to becoming the first country in Europe to fully open its borders, both within and outside of the EU. Since, according to The Local, Germany and France are two countries with the highest vaccination rates, the country is confident that it can ease up its travel restrictions bit by bit. The plan is that, by summer 2021, Germany can welcome travelers from all over the world again. Most especially since, by June 2021, the EU would have already fully implemented the Digital Green Certificates.

Introduced back in March, the Digital Green Certificates aim to allow travelers free movement within the EU. It's a new vaccine passport system that consists of electronic documents travelers can store in its own app. The certificate will serve as proof that vaccination, tested negative, or recovery from Covid-19. Also, children (who are most likely non-vaccinated) of traveling parents with Digital Green Certificates will be allowed entry to the EU as well. Alongside the Schengen Visa and valid passport, the certificate will be a new required document to gain entry to any country within the EU.

Germany Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

With new travel restrictions set in motion, Germany plans to reopen its borders just in time for summer 2021. However, for now, the country remains in lockdown and many who coming in will still be required to follow strict health protocols and quarantine rules upon arrival.



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