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The Top Autumn 2021 Collections from Paris Fashion Week

September 04, 2021
September is finally here and you know what that means! Time for a wardrobe change! Say goodbye to sleeveless tops and flip-flops and say hello to light sweaters, chic coats, and the like. Autumn is arguably the best season for dressing up. The weather is cool enough to pile on as many layers as you want, but not to the point that you have to focus all your energy to stay warm. But then the age-old question remains: what do you wear? Perhaps these top autumn 2021 collections from Paris Fashion Week can help you out! They did set out this season's upcoming trends, after all!

The Top Autumn 2021 Collections from Paris Fashion Week

Acne Studios

Jonny Johansson of Acne Studios clearly keeps on thinking of the lockdown. Even though France has reopened and things are finally starting to go back to normal, his autumn 2021 collection still reeks of stay-at-home chic. Draping and knitwear come at full force emphasizing a greater need for comfort than tailored perfection. Although outdoor dressing came by oversized coats and leather boots, this largely pastel-hued collection seems more fit for a luxurious leisure day at home. The crocheted pieces are the particular stand-outs for that!
Source: Acne Studios YouTube Channel


Balenciaga was that French designer brand that always looked toward the future, but who knew that Demna Gvasalia had online gaming in mind for that? In his autumn 2020 collection, amidst his signature oversized aesthetic, a myriad of gaming references championed pseudo-futuristic pieces. Pairing his classic trench coats, shapely suits, and deconstructed denim with metallic Medieval-style boots à la World Of Warcraft added not-so-subtle humor to his otherwise serious presentations. And having his models post as if they were characters getting ready to be picked by the player completed the joke!
Source: Balenciaga YouTube Channel


No list of Paris designer collections is complete without Chanel! Every season, without fail, this haute couture brand always brings out the essence of Parisian chic at its finest. For autumn 2021, artistic director Virginie Viard showed her collection in the chic Chez Castel nightclub on the Left Bank of the Seine River, a fitting venue for what she offered for the season. Why? Because where else could provide a better ambiance to her latest offering of boyish styles. Chanel's signature tweets turned into pantsuits and overalls while knitwear proved suitable for mini-dresses with matching cardigans. It was a younger and more rebellious Chanel look for this season!
Source: Chanel YouTube Channel


As a quintessential French designer brand that most Parisian women trust, Chloé never fails to set trends every season. Now, for autumn 2021, the label's new creative director, Gabriela Hearst, showed her new vision for the season—and it has a lot of knitwear. Surprisingly, Hearst offers a more mature approach to the Chloé aesthetic, dressing her in bohemian-esque midi-sweater dresses, full-body ponchos, and psychedelic-printed maxi frocks that swayed on the floor. It seems the Chloé girl has turned into a full-fledged woman of character in the hands of a designer who's just that!
Source: Chloé YouTube Channel

Louis Vuitton

As far as trend-setting designers go, Louis Vuitton's Nicolas Ghesquière is always leading the pack. And this autumn 2021 season is no different! This season, though he noted how the pandemic and the lockdowns have influenced him, he still went big and bubbly for his latest collection. And by bubbly, this means the round shapes by way of oversized jackets, balloon skirts, and cocoon coats. Ghesquière's signature sculptural approach to tailoring was in full view here, emphasizing that his creativity knows no bounds even if he, himself, is bound to stay home.
Source: Louis Vuitton YouTube Channel

Marine Serre

Even though Marine Serre is still somewhat of a rookie in the Paris fashion scene, she's become one of the most influential over the past few years. This autumn 2021 season, her collection brought forth two distinct trends. The first is patchwork, meshing together different colors, combining opposing textiles, and clashing prints and patterns. The eclecticism in one look demonstrated her love for family, friends, and community. The other trend? Her signature ski-look, which resurrected her now-famous ski-mask signature. It's become her most distinct aesthetic to date!
Source: FF Channel YouTube Channel

Miu Miu

Jumping on the ski-look bandwagon is none other than Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada's Paris-based subline. With her signature use of pastel colors and codes of innocent femininity, she brought forth a wintry collection of ski gear, fanciful frocks, thick fur, and oversized streetwear. These pieces weren't as functional as you think ordinary ski gear are, but they sure do look pretty! The irony of it all is, because of the pandemic, who's going skiing nowadays anyway?
Source: Miu Miu YouTube Channel

Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci has always been the type of brand that you can trust will put forth one chic collection after another. And autumn 2021 is no exception! Championing the label's signature precise tailoring, the brand's new creative directors Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter provided what they call a 'wardrobe reset' for this season. Topped with their now-signature exaggerated bowl hats, which came in bright pops of lime, tangerine, and cobalt blue, there was certainly something 'electric' about their parade of sleek pantsuits, boxy outerwear, and the subtle tinges of sportswear.
Source: Nina Ricci YouTube Channel

Paco Rabanne

What's a great way to say 'F you!' to the global pandemic? Glamming it up! Do away with the athleisure and neutral-toned knitwear and dress up in bejeweled dresses, shimmering velvets, sequined frocks, and more. At least, that's what Paco Rabanne is saying with its latest autumn 2021 collection. This season, the brand is all about shine and sparkle, highlighting vintage mid-20th-century styles by way of metallics, fur, and embellishments. It will definitely be a fun and fabulous autumn 2021 according to Paco Rabanne!
Source: Paco Rabanne YouTube Channel

Saint Laurent Paris

Saint Laurent Paris was always one of those brands that went big in glamour and sex appeal. This autumn 2021 season, however, glam and sex are all still there but were minimized for a chicer and younger look. Creative director Anthony Vaccarello was always known for his mini-dress and leg-baring pieces but there was something less vulgar and in-your-face about what he presented for Saint Laurent Paris this season. Leaning towards a more Mod 1960s approach, the brand's signature color-blocking and precise tailoring resulted in short skirt suits with fur-trimmed hems, metallic bodysuits, and cropped fur tops. It's all 21st-century glamour at its finest!
Source: Saint Laurent ParisYouTube Channel

As autumn 2021 starts with the arrival of September, it's time for a wardrobe change. And if you're not yet sure of what to wear, let the top collections from autumn 2021 Paris Fashion Week let you in on the latest trends and upcoming fads!

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