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The Best Transportation Apps in Italy

July 28, 2021
Italy is the type of country you'd just love to travel around in. Within the rural areas, the beautiful wine valleys, lush greeneries on open fields, and even the stunning Mediterranean sea of the Southern coats are breathtaking views you will see. While in urban cities, the amazing architecture, historic structures, and beautiful artworks make busting through the metropolises completely worth it. Fortunately, in this day and age, even a country as old as Italy has adapted to the times. There are many ride-hailing apps you can use to get from one place to another in a jiff and with less hassle! Here are five worth noting.

The Best Transportation Apps in Italy



In the Western hemisphere, Uber is practically the number one transportation app in the world. It's undoubtedly the most popular of its kind in all of the world as well. Founded in 2009, it essentially laid out the groundwork for similar apps to follow suit. With its effective system and simple process of calling a vehicle, it remains the most popular platform of its kind in Italy. They're particularly useful in cities like Rome and Milan where things are generally busy. Now, in such places, more people can get to where they need to go without having to fight over a taxi. 

The Best Transportation Apps in Italy

Source: Uber



Lyft, on the other hand, is considered by many as Uber's rival in the game. It's definitely the second-most popular program after Uber yet it's just as efficient in what they do. Like the latter, Lyft has also become a go-to app for those in big cities who need and prefer private transportation. A strong ace it has over Uber is that its prices are generally less expensive, albeit only a couple of Euros in difference. Still, thanks to Lyft, traveling around an Italian city is much easier and more manageable than it used to be. 

The Best Transportation Apps in Italy

Source: Flickr.com/ Quote Catalog



Some people can't help but prefer to ride taxis to get to where they want to be? Even though the likes of Uber and Lyft provide private (oftentimes luxury) cars, there are those who would rather ride a taxi instead. Why? Because most taxi drivers are more adept at driving to the different parts of the city than the volunteer drivers of said companies. They know their shortcuts, the best roads to take, and even what times certain streets are the busiest. Fortunately, now, thanks to FREE NOW—formerly known as My Taxi—anyone can book an actual taxi from wherever they are in Italy. 

The Best Transportation Apps in Italy

Source: FREE NOW



While Uber and Lyft offer different kinds of vehicles as your ride, Carmel takes it up a notch. With this app, not only can you book a private car or taxi, but you can also book a limo as well. Of course, if you go for the latter, you'll have to pay a pretty price. Limos don't come cheap, that's why it's mostly the wealthiest who own them. Still, it'd be nice to travel in style around a beautiful Italian city. And if you have multiple people with you and you don't exactly want to book a van, a limo via Carmel is a great alternative. 

The Best Transportation Apps in Italy

Source: Carmel



Finally, don't forget the scooters. If you didn't ride a Vespa in Rome, did you really have a quintessential Roman experience? The movies say otherwise. In any case, riding a scooter is often the most time-saving mode of transportation a person can use, especially in any of the busy Italian cities that you're probably in now or will visit soon. Luckily, Scooterino helps you hail a scooter to get you to where you need to go. Take note that you're not renting the scooter, you're just riding at the back of the driver to get to your destination. 

The Best Transportation Apps in Italy

Source: Scooterino


Thanks to these great apps, navigating the many beautiful cities in Italy will be a breeze. You can now focus more on seeing the sights, eating the food, and maybe even getting a little romance than worrying about how to travel to your destinations. 

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Milan, Italy
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Castiglione Falletto, Italy
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Milan, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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2 bedrooms2 bathrooms5
La Spezia, Italy
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