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Where To Learn French in Zürich

July 07, 2021
Switzerland is one of a handful of countries where there are more than one official language. Since the country is made up of different regions, there's not one single dialect that unites them all together. Hence, most Swiss grow up learning around three languages, at least: German, Italian, and French. Among them, French has become the most popular, with other nationalities often mistaking that it's the official language of the country. One can't blame them, many locals do speak French in various parts of Switzerland. Even here in Zürich, the capital city. If you want to learn French here, choose any of these language schools.

Where To Learn French in Zürich

Alliance Française de Zürich

Right off the bat, let's start with one of the oldest language schools on this list: Alliance Française in Zürich! Having opened in 1889, it has been around for more than a century, proving its worth as an educational institution in the Swiss capital. What ultimately separates it from all the others is that it doesn't just teach the French language, it also introduces Swiss culture. After all, what good is learning the language here if you don't even understand what this place is all about? Furthermore, the more the students know about Switzerland, the easier they can absorb how they speak French here.

Alpha Sprachwelt AG

Located in the Stadelhoferstrasse district of Zürich, Alpha Sprachwelt AG offers over 100 courses in different languages, including French. What's so notable about them is that they don't just teach French, but they tailor their courses to what the student needs. There are specific programs for primary and high school students, holiday courses for tourists, and even corporate language classes for those who want to work in Zürich. Whichever type of language course you need in order to speak and understand French, Alpha Sprachwelt AG will offer it to you! It helps that they've been around for many decades!

Where To Learn French in Zürich

Inlingua Zürich

If you want a language school that has practically everything you need (even those you didn't know you needed), Inlingua Zürich is for you! In this school, they don't just offer courses that help you speak and understand French (and the other languages offered here), but they also provide learning aids, virtual classes, and more. They also extend their services to companies, teaching employees corporate French in order to advance their businesses. No matter what you'll need in order to become fluent in French, Inlingua Zürich will already have it ready for you. All you have to do is sign up and enroll!

LSI Zürich

LSI Zürich specifically caters to two entities: schools and companies. However, that doesn't mean that you can't enroll and study here as well. It's just that, based on their main clients, you might get a good sense of the nature of courses that they'll offer. Nevertheless, it's still up to you which program you want to get into. You can learn the basics, the curriculum they most likely also teach in primary and secondary schools all over the world. Or if you need to, you can also learn corporate French to help advance your career!

Where To Learn French in Zürich

LanguageMasters GmbH

Although LanguageMasters GmbH is more known for its German courses, its French classes are not to be overlooked! What's so good about this school is that they take the time to really get to know their students, all within their five-step process. Firstly, they meet up and get to know you and how much French you already know. After that, they'll plan what they'll teach you on your course. When that's done, classes will commence with the tailored curriculum. They then check your progress every now and then. And finally, they will give you feedback on your progress. Simply put, you're taken into account every step of the way.

Sprachen Akademie

You're in Zürich, one of the most expensive cities in the world. The living costs here are no joke! With so much to pay for, do you think you can afford to take French language classes here? If you enroll in Sprachen Akademie, you can! Not only is this school the most affordable language school in the Swiss capital, but they also have a money-back guarantee, ensuring that you get the better end of the deal no matter what. As for what they offer, it ranges from small group sessions to private courses, all with quality teachers to guide you all throughout your course!

Where To Learn French in Zürich

French is one of Switzerland's many languages so you'd do well in learning it if you plan to stay long here in Zürich. Fortunately, these well-established language schools offer the best courses, programs, and more to help you out!

Polishing your French skills when you go to Zürich allows you to do more exciting things here. Not the least of which is getting that luxury home that you deserve!



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