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How to Find Work in Switzerland

June 24, 2021
Many would die to work in Switzerland. It's such a beautiful country, a wealthy one at that, and the job market here is stable enough to have a lot of opportunities. The standard of living in this country is quite high, hence, more and more people from all over the world are relocating to various Swiss cities. Most of the time, those who've moved here are already employed. But on the off-chance that you're not or you've been let go from your first job, you'll need to find work that will suit you best. And here are ways to do it!

How to Find Work in Switzerland

Relying On You Network

No matter who it is, always expand your network wherever you are. You never know who might help you get the job you've always wanted. Even here in Switzerland, where the people tend to seem stand-offish, anyone you get acquainted with is a possible link to your next work. However, if you simply don't know anyone in Switzerland, you can always join various networking groups. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have both proven to be efficient in this regard. The latter, especially, has a ton of expat groups and pages centered on finding employment for your convenience.

Searching For A Job Online

Since you're already networking online, why not go to job-seeking websites as well? In fact, the most common way to land a job these days is going on these sorts of websites. They're like digital classified ads, but this time, you can filter the type of job you want, the position you're interested in, and your chosen industry. And unlike traditional classified ads, these websites provide more space for job posts to include the responsibilities of the position and the specific qualifications the employer is looking for. Here in Switzerland, the most popular of these sites include Monster, Jobwinner, Totaljobs, and more.

How to Find Work in Switzerland

Enlisting Help from A Recruitment Agency

Sometimes getting professional help is the better option. That rings true when it comes to your mental health as well as it does when finding work. Fortunately, here in Switzerland, enlisting the help of a recruitment agency is common. Popular agencies like Manpower and Adecco will help you find the right work for you. All you have to do is to go to their offices, talk with a recruiter, and wait until they find a job that's fit for you. For the most part, you just need to submit your CV and wait until they contact you.

Classified Ads in Swiss Newspapers

Although, as already mentioned, the digital version of classified ads—job-searching websites—have become the most popular way to find work these days, the traditional ones in the newspapers remain common in Switzerland. In well-known publications such as Handelsblatt and Finanz und Wirtschaft, you'll find that a lot of Swiss companies still send out job posts for their many readers to see. It's even possible that most of what you see here will also appear on job-searching websites. However, there are also those that only send their job postings to newspapers. Don't forget to skim through them from time to time.

How to Find Work in Switzerland

Getting A Teaching Job in Switzerland

According to the Swiss job market, finding teaching jobs in Switzerland isn't all that easy. Since most of the Swiss are already taught a myriad of foreign languages in their educational system, there isn't much need for language teachers in the country. So what may be easy employment in other countries, here in Switzerland, it's actually quite competitive. Firstly, you'll need the right certifications, qualifications, and educational achievements for such. Secondly, there aren't a lot of job-seeking portals that focus on teaching languages. This means you need to work doubly hard if you really want this line of work.

Taking The Initiative

Finally, when all else fails, you can always take the initiative of applying to the companies yourself. Don't be limited by the list of job posts you see on job-searching websites and classified ads. Sometimes, albeit rarely, there are companies that will readily accept applicants they deem fit to work for their company. At times, they probably didn't even know they needed you. So it pays to apply to your wanted companies even if they don't have an open position at the moment. The worst that could happen is that they'll simply ignore your application, but that doesn't mean you can't re-apply when the right time comes!

How to Find Work in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best places to find work. With its stable job market and well-off economy, you stand to earn a lot or even advance your career in this beautiful country. Just follow some of these common ways to find a job here and you're good!

Once you find work in Switzerland, it'll be easier for you to earn, save up, and finally get that luxury home you deserve!



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