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The Best German Language Schools in Zürich

July 02, 2021
Since Zürich is a major city in Switzerland, it's only natural that it's become quite the cosmopolitan destination. The international community here only keeps on growing, making it just as international as the likes of New York, London, Paris, and more. However, despite all that, Zürich remains a German city through and through. Since it's a central city within the German Canton of Zürich, the main language in the Swiss capital is still German. But what if you don't know how to speak or understand it? How will you survive here? By learning German in any of these notable schools, of course!

The Best German Language Schools in Zürich

LSI Zurich

Open to practically everyone under the sun, LSI Zürich is among the best places to learn German. Even though it's considered an international school, it really only offers German and English classes. The school also caters to students of all ages. It offers both intensive and extensive courses for neophytes, summer classes for young kids, and part-time classes for adults who are too busy with their work. In fact, here in LSI Zürich, learning German can be a family affair! So if you want to study the language in a comfortable atmosphere, look no further than this school!

Alpha Sprachwelt AG

Alpha Sprachwelt AG is a school that offers to teach different languages, German included. Located in the Stadelhoferstrasse, a central area in the city that's easy to get to via public transport, the institution has taught foreigners and locals alike for decades. What's so great about their approach is that they break their courses down to ensure that each and every lesson is taught intricately. This way, the student can really get a good grasp of what he/she is learning every session. Before long, it's likely they'll be as fluent or possibly even more so than actual Swiss/German residents!

The Best German Language Schools in Zürich

German School of Zurich

What good is knowing the language of Zürich if you don't know what the city is all about in the first place? Granted history lessons aren't exactly necessary when it comes to learning a new language, it does help! At least, such is the philosophy of the German School of Zurich. The 'German' part of its name doesn't just refer to the language, but also to the culture of the place you're in. Not, specifically, 'German' culture, but rather the German side of Swiss culture. In fact, more than just its language courses, the German School of Zurich teaches you all about Switzerland as a whole.

LanguageMasters GmbH

There are many ways in which you'll need to master a language. From socializing with others to working with professionals, knowing how to speak a specific language will benefit you a lot. LanguageMasters GmbH knows this by heart, hence they offer courses that are geared towards all types of speaking the language. Be it getting to know people to navigate the city's corporate world, this school will really help you out! Moreover, they also cater their programs to fit your lifestyles. So if you're too busy to go to the campus yourself, you can opt for part-time classes or online courses instead!

The Best German Language Schools in Zürich

Italk Sprachschule GmbH

Italk Sprachschule GmbH knows that learning a new language can be intimidating. Whether you're a neophyte learning the basics or someone who's brushing up his/her skills, no one can deny that having to get used to speaking a different language can pile on the nerves. That's why this school has fostered a comfortable and somewhat intimate environment for its students. Though they follow the standard classroom settings, the vibe and the energy in each class are casual, light, and oftentimes, fun. There's no need to be all stuffy about learning a new language, even if it is German!


Bellingua is yet another German language school in Zürich that takes into consideration its students' lifestyles. They understand that not all of those interested in learning German will have the time to spend a couple of hours in a classroom. Nor would they even have the means to get there despite the city's public transport. And so, apart from the in-person courses, Bellingua also offers online classes to the convenience of all their students. It has proven to be quite popular in the past few years, with the Covid-19 global pandemic forcing the country to shut down.

Eruditus Language School

Here in Zürich's Eruditus Language School, they don't just teach German, they train their students in the language. It's one thing to teach German to people who don't know how to speak or understand it yet. There's introducing the words, understanding the grammar, and more. But in this institution, they train the students to really get a good grasp of the German language. They encourage them to speak it as much as they learn it. This way, the students will get used to it and eventually become fluent in it as the days go by! Who knows? Someday, students of Eruditus Language School might just teach German to others as well!

The Best German Language Schools in Zürich

Although there is more than one official language in Switzerland, Zürich, which is located in the German Canton of the same name, German reigns supreme. You'll benefit a lot from learning the language in any of these great schools!

Learning German in Zürich will help you a lot during your stay here. Even if you're just in your luxury home here, you never know how knowing how to speak German can help you!



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