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The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier

June 14, 2021
Out of everything you need to travel, a nice, sturdy, and if your budget allows, a luxurious travel bag is important. Whether it be luggage or a carry-on, there's no reason why you can't splurge on high-quality bags for your trips. It also won't hurt if they're aesthetically pleasing too! But where do you find such pieces? Which brands sell the best travel bags for your needs? Which labels should you invest in to ensure that you get bang for your buck? Well, these big names might just have what you're looking for and more!

The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier

Louis Vuitton

When it comes to luxury travel, Louis Vuitton is the go-to brand! Not only does the French designer label have the right fashion cred, but they've been known to produce high-quality leather goods since 1854! Why do you think their purses and handbags are so in-demand among the fashionable elite? As for luggage, their signature trunks and carry-ons have been popular for decades now. They're not just sturdy, but the brand's iconic monogram is somewhat of a stylish status symbol too. The moment others see that your baggage consists mostly of Louis Vuitton, they'll instantly know that you're all about luxury travel!
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: Louis Vuitton


Although Rimowa isn't as well-known of a label as Louis Vuitton, it's still under the same luxury conglomerate as the fashion label—LVMH. That alone should tell you the levels of luxury and undeniably high quality that this brand provides. Though it has become a well-known label for modern luggage, Rimowa actually has a heritage that goes all the way back to the 1930s, becoming the first label to offer aluminum suitcases. Today, the brand is world-famous for its polycarbonate-covered bags and luggage, mostly covered in shimmering chrome and space-age tones. A good balance between fashion and function fit for luxury travel!
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: Rimowa Facebook Page

Alfred Dunhill

From its saddle and harness origins in the late 1800s to today's fine leather selections, Alfred Dunhill has remained steadfast in offering high-quality luxurious accessories. Fine and supple Sherborne leather is the brand's ace in the game now, offering suitcases, carry-ons, and luggage with that fine, old-world finish. Yet the quality remains high, as proven by the products' sturdy exteriors and spacious insides. Not to mention the fabulous colors they come in, ranging from signature chocolate brown to more earthy tones like forest green or chestnut. Who wouldn't want to travel with such fineries?
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: Dunhill Facebook Page

Ralph Lauren

The leading American designer label for multiple generations now, Ralph Lauren's travel bags deserve a special mention on this list. Firstly, in terms of design, this brand is probably the most adventurous out of all of them. They don't just come in typical fine leather or sturdy suedes, but also in striking tartans, navy stripes, and even a few camouflage carry-ons to boot. The Ralph Lauren label has always stood for American fashion excellence and its most aesthetically pleasing travel bags all follow suit. But don't think that just because these luggage items look fabulous that they function any less. They're just as strong and sturdy as the rest of them!
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: Ralph Lauren - Flickr.com/ Stéphanie Moisan


Among other qualities, many travelers would prefer their luggage to be light and easy to carry. And it's not just so they don't exceed the weight limit! Wouldn't be easier if you can roll or carry your bags easily despite how stuffed they are? That'd be a dream for anyone on luxury travel that's for sure. Enter Samsonite! Though this brand's chrome-toned polypropylene-covered items look heavy, they're anything but! they're surprisingly light and spacious, allowing you to easily lug them around with no problem at all. And with such electric tones of red, silver, black, and green, you'll see your luggage from a mile away!
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: Samsonite


How would you feel if you bought from a brand that even the British Royal family shops at? Now that's luxury at its finest, right? Well, when it comes to shopping for your next travel bag, you might just find similar luggage that even the Queen of England uses as well. That is if you buy from Globe-Trotter! This brand's vintage-looking items may seem like they're all about the look, but rest assured, the quality isn't sacrificed. The old-world charm of this label's designs are only one side of it, their sturdiness and spaciousness both prove that they're all worthy investments!
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: Globe-Trotter Facebook Page


Another brand that harkens back to vintage aesthetics is StreamLine. Apart from the usual carry-ons and luggage, they also offer duffels and hat boxes too! Talk about going old-school, right? But despite the label's dedication to old-world charm and vintage luxury travel, its items remain high-quality and useful in the contemporary age. Even though many of their bags look so old-school that they seem like they'd fall apart in the airport, you'll find that they're a lot sturdier than you think. Trust that these items are just as functional as they are fashionable and definitely luxurious!
The Best Brands For Luxury Travel Bags To Make Your Life Easier
Source: SteamLine

If you're looking for your next travel bag or luggage, look no further than these well-known brands. Though many of these are designer labels and luxury names, what they offer are high-quality items that you won't mind investing a lot of money in!



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Paris, France
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