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Business Etiquette Customs in Croatia

May 26, 2021
For a country like Croatia, known for its white sandy beaches and crystal blue seas, going here is all about enjoying some vacation time. It's one of those Mediterranean countries that you see on postcards, on TV, and online. A fantasy paradise where it feels as if it exists solely for travelers' pleasure. However, Croatia remains its own nation with its own economy. And its own economy is thanks to the business done by those who know how to play the game well and seal the deal. If you're going to do business in Croatia yourself, you might want to follow some common business etiquette customers here

Business Etiquette Customs in Croatia

Exchanging Business Cards is Common

Firstly, prepare your business cards. Exchanging them in business settings is common in Croatia. It's also common during social gatherings as well. No matter where you are, if there's a good chance you'll meet new people, regardless of whether they'll benefit your career or not, be ready with your business cards. The more your name is spread out there, the better your chances of rising to the top. You shouldn't be afraid of giving out your business cards right before meetings either; it's pretty common as well. And to ensure you leave an impact, translate your info to Croatian at the back of your cards!

Don't Forget Professional Business Titles

Just like Croatia's social customs, when greeting, talking to, or referring to others in business settings, never forget their titles. Remember, it's 'Gospodin' for Mr, 'Gospodice' for Miss, and 'Gospodja' for Mrs. It's even more important if they've earned the titles of professor or doctor. Potential clients or colleagues will doubly appreciate it if you emphasize such titles because they're proof of their hard work. And yes, if you didn't know it yet, those who've achieved their doctorates and aren't in the healthcare industry are also to be called and referred to as 'Dr.'

Business Etiquette Customs in Croatia

Direct Communication Matters in Croatia

As with other western countries, Croatians prefer direct communication when doing business. They're far from, say, the Turks who'd prefer you to be patient and not so confrontational. Here in Croatia, talking in a straightforward manner is key. It helps keep business going and will inevitably seal the deal a lot sooner. However, diplomacy remains the name of the game. Despite how direct you want to be, you still need to choose your words carefully. And if situations merit confrontation, be careful not to sound too aggressive when defending your stance. You wouldn't want to hurt Croatian business people, do you?

Don't Be So Rigid During Meetings

Despite the need for direct communication, you also should be so rigid! Now, both seem to contradict each other, don't they? Well, for instance when it comes to business meetings, even though there are certain times set, you don't have to start and finish right on the dot. In fact, Croatians aren't exactly known for their punctuality so expect them to be late from time to time. Also, if you had a set agenda for said meeting, don't expect to go through all of them. Some points may take longer to discuss than others and that's completely fine!

Business Etiquette Customs in Croatia

Allow For Small Talk During Meetings

Going back to the whole 'don't be so rigid' point, always allow for small talk in business meetings. In fact, before officially starting the meeting proper, chat with those around you—especially potential clients!—and get to know them. For Croatians, business relations are just as important as personal relationships. Though they rarely let both intertwine and mix, the friendlier you are to them, the more they're willing to do business with you! It's all about building a foundation of trust and familiarity in order to team up and collaborate to produce the best outcomes possible!

Invite Clients Out Every Once In A While

In relation to strengthening one's business relations in Croatia, why not invite them out sometimes? Or if they invite you out, happily accept! Just remember the diner table etiquette here! Again, this is about building long-lasting relationships that can further strengthen your business and pull you closer to the top of the corporate ladder. It pays to get a little personal at times, show your friendly side, and make clients comfortable with you. As long as you do that, there's no stopping you from advancing your career, especially here in Croatia!

Business Etiquette Customs in Croatia

When doing business in Croatia, it pays to remember their etiquette in corporate settings. Follow their common customs and build strong bonds with those you want to partner up with. This will inevitably get you closer to sealing the deal!

You'll have a better time relaxing in your luxury home and not stressing about work if you follow Croatia's business etiquette customs!



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