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Croatia Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

May 14, 2021
Croatia has long been considered one of the ultimate paradises in the world. The beautiful coastlines and sandy beaches here are second to none. Unfortunately, however, 2020 saw the country closing down its borders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For most of last year, little to no tourists and locals enjoyed this summer destination. But now, as summer 2021 draws near, it's looking more and more possible that the country might reopen and finally welcome back travelers from all over the country and around the world. Here are the latest updates on Croatia's travel restrictions.

Croatia Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

As stated in a recent report by Forbes magazine, Croatia only welcomes travelers from fellow EU member-states for now. Even then, they're required to show negative Covid-19 tests to guarantee entry and they need to have been taken at least 72 hours prior to their trip. As for travelers who haven't undergone recent Covid-19 tests, they will be required to undergo one at the airport and go into quarantine until the results come out. For the rest of the world outside the EU, only essential travel is allowed entry in Croatia. Particularly medical workers and diplomats. For these sorts of travelers, they will not be required to go into quarantine upon arrival.

Despite that, CNBC also reported that United Airlines has added Croatia to its list of flights this coming summer 2021. Since the country has since loosened its travel restrictions, albeit only a little bit, the American airline company still plans to fly travelers from Newark airport in New Jersey to Dubrovnik, Croatia. They plan to fly three times a week starting from July 8, 2021, until October 3, 2021. Of course, this can change depending on future developments regarding Croatia's travel restrictions. Notably, all passengers aboard said flights will need to submit negative Covid-19 tests or proof of vaccination in order to enter the country.

With all these new developments, Croatia has also already planned on vaccinating tourism workers by summer 2021. Reuters reports< that the Croatian government launched a new campaign last April 23, 2021, that aims to vaccinate around 800,000 tourism workers before the country fully reopens. It will also offer guests subsidized Covid-19 tests to find out their current conditions whilst in the country. For now, however, there has been no update as to the status of the campaign and how many workers have been vaccinated.

Croatia's current travel restrictions and campaigns are expected to change once the EU fully implements its Digital Green Certificates by June 2021. Introduced back in March, this is. a new vaccine passport system where travelers can easily prove that they have been vaccinated, tested negative, or have recovered from Covid-19. Digital Green Certificates are electronic documents, stored and accessible through an app, that travelers will need in order to move freely within the EU. Alongside the Shengen visa and valid passport, this will help travelers, both within and from outside the EU, to enter various member-states.

Croatia Post-Pandemic: Updates on Travel Restrictions

As Croatia slowly but surely welcomes travelers back to its shores once again, it's possible that the country may see a huge turn-around for its tourism after spending over a year in lockdown. Keep updated with the latest news of the country's travel restrictions in this space!

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