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The Crime Rate in Marrakech

May 13, 2021
Marrakech would have been the perfect paradise if not for a few problems. The beauty, the culture, and the vibe here are all so inviting and so alluring that being here almost feels like a dream. It's not an exaggeration to say that there really is no other city quite like Marrakech. However, what it does have that other places around the world has is crime, unfortunately. Crimes are still committed in Marrakech but that doesn't make it a dangerous destination overall. Most especially when you consider the current crime rates of the city. They will tell you just how safe it is here!

The Crime Rate in Marrakech
Source: Flickr.com/ Erwyn van der Meer

Marrakech's General Crime Rate

As of this writing, Marrakech's general crime rate is 43.47%. Although it's considered moderate, it's primarily on the lower side of the scale. This should convince those who still feel apprehensive to travel here that Marrakech isn't as dangerous as what many may portray it to be. In fact, compared to other more famous cities like Paris and Barcelona, Marrakech's general crime rate is practically low! Add to that the fact that the current rate of increasing crimes here is only 49.83%, also moderately low. This only means that, although Marrakech isn't crime-free, you don't have to be on-guard all the time while you're here!

Marrakech's Highest-Rated Crimes

With that said, what exactly are the highest-rated crimes in Marrakech? For now, corruption and bribery dominate all the others with a high rate of 67.74%. This makes sense considering that Marrakech is an important business hub, not just in Morocco, but in the entire North African and Middle Eastern region as well. The good news is it's not a violent crime and it won't directly physically endanger you. However, if you find work here, it can affect you alot! After that, drug dealing comes in second with a rate of 46.77%. Though it's considered only moderate,it further proves that drugs remain rampant in various tourist destinations around the world!

The Crime Rate in Marrakech

Marrakech Crimes To Watch Out For

Moving along, there are two different types of crimes that both have a rate of 44.98%, making them both the third highest-rated crime in Marrakech. The first one is getting mugged or robbed and the second is vandalism. Both can easily happen while you're on the street so let this moderately high crime rate warn you about walking around Marrakech. Afterward, with a rate of 36.92%, getting insulted is also common in Marrakech. With this in mind, make sure you always remember the social customs here so you won't fall victim to this crime.

Marrakech's Safety Rate For Day and Night

Now, let's talk about walking around Marrakech. Just how safe is it to explore the city? For now, it's 67.03% safe during the day and 44.36% at night. Both rates further prove that Marrakech isn't as dangerous a city as many might think. Most especially during the day considering that the safety rate for walking around is considered high. At night, however, since the safety rate drops around 20.0%, you're better off staying at home. Or if you really want to go out at night, make sure you're accompanied by locals you can trust and who know the city by heart.

Marrakech Areas To Avoid

Although, as already mentioned, Marrakech is generally a safe city overall, there are some areas you're better off avoiding. Marrakech has different neighborhoods and not all of them are as tourist-friendly as those you see online or on social media. Some you might actually be surprised of! The neighborhood of Guelize, for instance, although it's a busy area during the day, at night, it invited sketchy characters you wouldn't want to mess with. The same goes for the Hivernage district as well. Though it's the nightlife hub of the city, many sex workers frequent the area looking for customers.

The Crime Rate in Marrakech

Although Marrakech is a dreamy city, it can sooner turn out to be a nightmare if you're not careful. The crime rates of the city suggest that there's nothing to be alarmed about, but it's better to be safe than sorry while you're here!