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All About Marrakech’s Public Transport

May 12, 2021
Is there a city that's dreamier than Marrakech? Surrounded by vast desserts, filled with colorful souks, marked by beautiful temples, not to mention the luxurious resorts here, this Moroccon city is an exotic paradise. In fact, it's more than just a dream city, it's an exotic experience. There are things that you can only do and see here. And it's safe to say that there's no other city quite like Marrakech, even within Morocco as well. However, how does one get around here? What's public transport in Marrakech like? Well, here's what you need to know.

All About Marrakech’s Public Transport

The Local Buses in Marrakech

Just like in every other city, there are buses in Marrakech. In fact, it's probably the main mode of public transportation in the city. Most residents here travel by bus, making it pretty crowded no matter what time of the day it is. This is why, for a lot of tourists and expats who have moved to Marrakech, they prefer taking a taxi or any public transport system. No matter their destination, some would even walk rather than take the bus. Despite its relatively negative reputation, the buses still travel all throughout the neighborhoods of Marrakech, making it the most efficient and affordable.

Taking A Taxi

As already mentioned, since most local buses in Marrakech are extremely crowded and hot, a lot of tourists and expats prefer taking a taxi to get to their destination instead. Here in the city, there are two types of taxis to take note of. The first is the 'petit taxis,' the smaller vehicles. They tend to remain around the city center. Meanwhile, the second type of taxi, 'grand taxi,' is what you should take to go to the farther outskirts of the city. Each taxi has its own taxi meter that shows how much your ride will cost. Make sure it's turned on the moment you board one to avoid getting scammed.

All About Marrakech’s Public Transport
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ ©Symac

Using A Transportation App

Although Marrakech is a popular tourist destination, it's not exactly as urban as you might expect. Because of this, the city's public transport leaves a lot to be desired. Locals rely on buses to get around while tourists and expats prefer taking taxis. Now, if you're part of the latter, it may be fairly difficult to hail a taxi just about anywhere. Unless you're in a public space in the city center, you might have a hard time getting a taxi. Fortunately, there are a handful of transportation apps that work in Morocco that can help. Most especially the ride-hailing programs!

Renting Bikes and Motorbikes

Another type of ride you can get via a transportation app is a bicycle or a motorbike. Just like in Amsterdam and Barcelona, riding your bike is a common way to get around in Marrakech. It's better if you have your own bike but there are also a ton of bike rental services and the like available in the city. You can also rent one via an app if they're available too. The same goes for motorbikes. Whether you rent one for a day, a week, or for the duration of your entire trip, you won't go wrong with biking your way around Marrakech.

All About Marrakech’s Public Transport

Riding A Horse-Drawn Carriage

You'd think that, when it comes to traveling by animal in Marrakech, camels are your number one option, right? Well, that's not exactly the case in the city center of Marrakech. Among the more urban parts of the city, you're more likely to see and hail a horse-drawn carriage than a camel. Although both are generally tourist attractions, the former is a more common mode of public transportation than the latter. Whether you're a tourist or a new resident of Marrakech, you can still ride a horse-drawn carriage to get to where you need to be. Just make sure you make it clear to your coachman!

Exploring Marrakech on Foot

If you missed it before, it was also mentioned that walking is a common way to get around Marrakech. With only 230 km², Marrakech isn't that big of a city to begin with. It's fairly doable—not necessarily easy!—to walk around the city in order to reach your destination. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes in case your walk will get longer than you expected. Also, do remember that the climate here is hot and from late morning to early afternoon, it can get scorching! Remember to pack water and other refreshments if you intend to walk around Marrakech.

All About Marrakech’s Public Transport

Just how exotic is Marrakech? Well, the public transport systems here are fairly different from those in other famous cities. The way to get around here is a bit of a challenge, but a fun and exciting one nonetheless!