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Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know

May 17, 2021
Dutch men are known to be some of the most handsome in the world. They're mostly the tallest, for sure, but there's no denying that men from the Netherlands have a certain swagger about them. They stand tall with confidence, smile brightly with their happy-go-lucky attitudes, and, of course, look incredibly stylish. The latter is thanks in large part to a number of menswear brands that help Dutch men look spiffy and dashing. If you're a gentleman yourself and you're in need of a new outfit, you ought to know these elite labels from the Netherlands!
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know

Viktor & Rolf

Because Viktor&Rolf are well-known grand couturiers in Paris, it's easy to think that their label is Parisian. Well, it's not, exactly! Both namesake designers, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, are Dutch and proudly show it off especially in their menswear line. Far from their cooky haute couture looks on the Paris runways, their menswear is a lot more understated, traditional, and tailored. However, they're not without the design duo's signature quirks. In one collection, they trotted out button-downs with sneaker prints all over. And another, business suits inspired by old-school British tailoring. It's safe to say, you'll never go wrong in standing out in Viktor&Rolf!
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know
Source: Viktor&Rolf Facebook Page


Speaking of suits, you can probably already tell by its name what Suitsupply is all about! The premier brand of tailored menswear in the Netherlands, this is where a lot the finest gentlemen in the country get their suits! And don't think that they only focus on bespoke tailoring and the like. The brand can also go business causal with their finely cut jackets, well-made trousers & chinos, pristine button-downs, and the like. Everything and anything a man needs to look as distinguished as he can be are all here on offer! What's not to love?
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know
Source: Suitsupply Facebook Page


Practically on the opposite side of the menswear spectrum if Unrecorded. A casualwear brand that's all about quality minimalism, this is the brand Dutch men go to for relaxed, every day pieces. Althoughit's a unisex brand, it's just as popular among men as it is for women. Why wouldn't it be when it produces some of the most luxurious basics around? A knitted polo shirt is as comfortable as it is classic, evoking that old-school sophistication without any effort. Drawstring trousers, on the other hand, is the perfect pair to lay around in and lounge about in your home! But the best part? Unrecorded is affordable!
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know
Source:Unrecorded. Facebook Page

Scotch & Soda

Another unisex brand worth noting from Netherlands is Scotch & Soda. Just like Unrecorded, this brand is all about providing a clean-cut menswear wardrobe of essentials for Dutch gentlemen and those who want to look like them. However, this label doesn't shy away from going crazy with prints, colors, embellishments, and the like. Although their offerings may seem basic, especially in terms of shapes and silhouette, they come through in cooky aesthetics instead. The result? A closet full of eye-catching easy pieces that will help you stand out no matter where you are, whether you're in the tulip fields or in the districts of Amsterdam!
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know
Source: Scotch & Soda Facebook Page

Bound Amsterdam

A mainstay in Amsterdam’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Bound Amsterdam is all about setting trends and moving Duthc style to go fashion-forward! Although they're also all about minimalism, theirs is an unconventional aesthetic. For one thing, they often go for formless fashion. Although the brand's tailoring is impeccable, they prefer putting forth strange silhouettes that don't restrict the body than the old-school standard. They also don't shy away from going sporty from time to time, producing tracksuits and separates that, although functional, are more fashionable than your average athleisure. It's safe to say that Bound Amsterdam is more for a particular taste.
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know
Source: Bound Amsterdam

Daily Paper

Perhaps the most unique brand on this list, Daily Paper is all about harkening back to Mother Africa. Established in 2010 by African-descent fashion bloggers in Amsterdam, this label highlights aesthetics and styles emanating from African countries and transforming them to fit the Dutch's style standards. Vibrant colors, popping prints, and scintillating silhouettes all set a new look that's as global as one brand can get. They also don't mind going crazy with all sorts of techniques, ranging from patchwork to tie-dye and the like. All of what this brand stands for is to establish the African look to a wider audience.
Dutch Menswear Brands You Should Know
Source: Daily Paper Facebook Page

Want to look as dapper as the Dutch? Why not shop at some of the finest menswear brands from the Netherlands? Although the country is not known for its fashions, these labels still prove that the Dutch still have a strong stake in the style game!

Where are you gonna fit all of your great menswear pieces from these Dutch brands? In your luxury home in the Netherlands, of course!