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The Top Five French Perfumes For Men

May 08, 2021
They say that all you need is a good scent to clinch the one you want. Women know that all too well. They rely on perfume as they do on clothes, makeup, and the like when it comes to making your mark. After all, don't you want to make an impression even before someone looks at you? That's a trick only the best of the best know how to master. And fortunately, men have caught up in the game too! For years, men's perfume sales have skyrocketed as they realize that a good suit isn't enough to really impress. They'll need these top five best French perfumes for men too!
The Top Five French Perfumes For Men

Ambre Nuit by Christian Dior

Although Dior is most known for its couture house for women, this quintessential French brand has a men's line that has gotten a lot of attention lately. And it's not just Kim Jones's amazing collection during Paris Fashion Week. Dior's fragrances for men have certainly gotten a lot more popular lately. With its melodious mix of sweet and spicy scents, it's no surprise as to why! Who would ever have thought that combining the notes of grapefruit and orange with Turkish rose would smell so imposing? It's like you can't wrap your head around which scent overpowers what!

V Pour Homme by Valentino

Valentino is yet another luxury brand more known for its feminine fashions than menswear offerings. However, when it comes to their fragrances, you can say that they've become one of the most famous french perfume brands for male customers! And it's thanks in large part to the label's iconic 'V Pour Homme.' Widely popular among the elite and the masses alike, this citrus fragrance evokes a more woodsy appeal. It's not too fruit to smell too feminine but it's also not too intense that spritzing a bit too much will cause allergies. The harmony between the woodsier notes of cedar and sandalwood with tamarind, bergamot, and mandarin makes it a winner on everyone's lists!

The Top Five French Perfumes For Men

Oud Eau De Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a decades-long Parisian perfumer who knows a thing or two about making the exotic mainstream. In fact, that's just what the brand did with its 'Oud Eau De Parfum.' Inspired by ancient Arabian fragrances, this perfume emits a mix of oriental scents with mainstream notes like cedar and spicy saffron. The end result is, admittedly, quite thought, but it's the type of slightly overpowering scent that will let everyone know that you're the boss! And, of course, its exotic appeal will resonate a lot with the corporate crowd who want to mix things up when it comes to fragrances.

Cuiron by Helmut Lang

Bergamot, pink pepper, mandarin, and ripe plum. These are just some of the fascinating notes inside Helmut Lang's iconic 'Cuiron' fragrance. Originally launched in 2002, it became so popular that the brand updated it with a new release back in 2014. However, what's really so intriguing about it is that, despite its rather strong smell, it's actually a unisex fragrance. Of course, it's not surprising that it has resonated with men a lot more than it did with women. The citrusy yet spicy appeal grabs attention at first whiff, practically making it impossible for anyone to ignore you when you wear it! Now, it's no wonder Helmut Lang is just as renowned as one of the most famous french perfume brands for male customers.

Incense Oud Eau de Parfum by Kilian

More so a cologne than a standard parfum Kilian's own 'Incense Oud Eau de Parfum' is among the most luxurious on this list. You'll find it anywhere, ranging from American luxury retailers to perfume stores in London! It helps that, although the scent itself is decidedly musky, notes of rose and papyrus soften it up, making the smell less overwhelming. Thus, the cologne is perfect for men who are often in the company of women. The fairer sex will want to get closer to you as they get a whiff of this gentle yet masculine fragrance.

The Top Five French Perfumes For Men

Who says men can't smell nice? They have to if they want to make an impression and ensure that everyone remembers them. And among the many best French perfumes for men, there are a chosen few that truly stand head and shoulders above the rest!



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