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The Sweetest Chocolatiers in Brussels

April 30, 2021
When it comes to chocolate, Belgium arguably has every other country beat. Belgian cuisine is admittedly not as famous as those of its neighboring nations, but if there's one thing they've mastered over the centuries, it's making sweet chocolate! The treat has become a staple from the country, becoming just as famous as the gelato from Italy or the macarons from France, Here in Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, there are tons of excellent chocolatiers ready to give you the best of the best in chocolate. Not even the Easter Bunny can give you this high caliber a treat!
The Sweetest Chocolatiers in Brussels

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is one of, if not the premier chocolatier from Belgium. So much so that even his shop in Paris has gained a lot of prominence through the years! He also has a ton of other shops across Belgium but, of course, the one in Brussels is not to be missed! In this sweet establishment, Marcolini continues to find new ways of making chocolate taste better, sweeter, richer, and more delicious. Although each kind may look alike, they won't taste the same. That's the genius of Pierre Marcolini and why he's one of the best of the best in the game right now!


Also known as 'Darcis Chocolatier' since it was founded by Jean-Philippe Darcis, BS40 has been a go-to chocolate shop in Brussels for a long time. Partly because Darcis is well-known as a master chocolatier, missing the treat into all sorts of concoctions. From chocolate-covered nuts to candied fruit peels, he proves that chocolate can make everything taste so sweet. Notably, many have also regarded the macarons from BS40 as the best in the Belgian capital. They say that they're good enough to rival even the most famous macaron shops in Paris. Well, will you order from here to find out?

The Sweetest Chocolatiers in Brussels

Atelier Sainte Catherine

Once you taste Atelier Sainte Catherine's sample bonbon, you'll instantly understand why this place is such a sweets staple in Brussels! The chocolate shop takes pride in manufacturing their own chocolate, even right down to the beans they use. They don't get chocolate from outside suppliers and the like, they actually make it from scratch, allowing them to go wild with all sorts of treats and desserts. Though they have two shops in the city, the one along Rue de la Paille is a lot more popular. It's easy to get to via public transport too!

Chocopolis Brussels

Located near Grand Place, the central square that's at the center of all the districts of Brussels, Chocopolis Brussels almost looks like a department store devoted to chocolate. You can probably already tell by the chocolatey elephant sculpture in front of the store that this is no ordinary sweets shop. The place displays all sorts of chocolates ranging from your standard bar to a myriad of bonbons. The latter even comes in pastel colors, jewel tones, and the like. You'd be surprised just how many different kinds of bonbons are in this store. And you'll likely want to taste them all too!

The Sweetest Chocolatiers in Brussels

Elisabeth Chocolatier Brussels

Think of any type of chocolate there is under the sun and Elisabeth Chocolatier Brussels will probably have on offer the moment you step inside. That's how devoted this place is to the delicious treat. From truffles and bonbons to chocolate-covered marshmallow treats, if there's any type of chocolate you're craving, this shop has it all! However, out of all of them, their chocolate barks are arguably the best in the city. They include all sorts of goodies ranging from fruits and nuts to marshmallows and mints, all converged into delicious shards of well-made chocolate!

Benoit Nihant Chocolatier

Located along Chaussée de Waterloo, Benoit Nihant Chocolatier is all about serving up chocolate in small yet deadly doses. They prove that big doesn't always mean bigger as even their tiniest bonbons will pack a much sweeter punch than your average chocolate bar. And speaking of bonbons, this place has over two dozen flavors of the signature Belgian treat, all filled with different types of goodies. You'll probably want to try them all and if your budget allows you, why not? Do note, however, that the staff here only understand French so unless you've learned the language, you might have a difficult time placing your order.

The Sweetest Chocolatiers in Brussels

Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier

Fruit peels, caramels, pâtes de fruits, and more! Anything that will taste heavenly covered in chocolate, Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier will offer for your pleasure! Though it's one of the lesser popular shops on this list, this chocolatier has gained a lot of prominence among those who've tried their treats. They note that the place isn't afraid to venture into other territories when it comes to chocolate, as long as they end up tasting as sweet as ever in the end. Moreover, they also serve hot chocolate and tea here, becoming a go-to cafe for those who want to relax and delight in something sweet in the Belgian capital!

Mike & Becky Chocolate

Finally, there's Mike & Becky Chocolate! Another cafe/chocolatier in Brussels, this place is all about the cocoa beans! And the environment too! The shop takes pride as one of the few vegan chocolate shops in the city. And if you want a mean mug of hot chocolate, coffee, and more, this is the best place to get it! It's not that their drinks taste sweet and rich, but that they have a certain tinge to them that's both fascinating and intriguing at the same time. Only when you drink it hot will you understand what it is!

The Sweetest Chocolatiers in Brussels

Don't underestimate the power of Belgian chocolate here in Brussels! Once you get a taste of what the best of the best chocolatiers in the city has to offer, you'll find that the Belgian capital deserves a lot more recognition when it comes to sweets!

Enjoy the treats you get from any of these amazing chocolatiers from Brussels in your own luxury home here!





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