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The Finest Language Schools in Brussels to Learn French

June 07, 2021
When you step unto Brussels, you'd swear you were in Paris. This isn't to say that the Belgian capital is a rip-off of the 'city of lights,' far from it! But that the city is also a bustling and beautiful metropolis dominated by the French language. Left and right, people are speaking French here, and many of them aren't even French! Since probably the dawn of time, because of its close proximity to France, Belgians have been speaking French. It's part of their official languages. And if you're interested in learning it yourself, the city has a few fine schools that can teach you!

The Finest Language Schools in Brussels to Learn French



Lerian-Nti is one of the most well-known language institutions in Belgium. Throughout the country, the school is teaching students of different ages and backgrounds of various languages, French included. Fortunately, it has a campus in Brussels, and the courses offered here range from teaching conversational French to more formal business programs. But perhaps the most interesting part about this school is that they allow you to customize your own course. Say, for example, you need a mix of conversational French and the language's more formal business type, the school cal let you do that and your instructor will teach you accordingly. 


Languages Unlimited

With its close proximity to the EU headquarters, it makes sense that Languages Unlimited has such a name. It does teach most European languages, particularly French for those who just moved to Brussels. Although its main ace is definitely its one-on-one program. You can actually go for a course of learning the French language with a tutor and he/she will ensure that you end the course being fluent at it. They also offer business courses as well, but to really get a good grasp of the language, the one-on-one program is the way to go. 


The Finest Language Schools in Brussels to Learn French


Fondation 9

Out of all the schools on this list, Fondation 9 is probably the most certified. It helps that it's partnered with Université Libre de Bruxelles, so you know that they're not messing around in teaching you the French language. Or any other language, for that matter. But what's so fascinating about this institution is, despite its revered reputation, it still prioritize individual learning. And that goes beyond one-in-one courses too. Fondation 9 actually tailors their curriculums depending on what students need. In fact, they also service companies and businesses that may have foreign workers who are in need of French lessons. 



By its name alone, you can already tell just how dedicated Eurospeak is in teaching European languages to interested individuals. Though even with their strong dedication, that doesn't stop them from catering to their students' needs above their own. This school offers programs that might befit your situation, whatever that may be. For instance, they hold night classes for those who aren't able to attend their normal day sessions. And if you really can't go to the campus yourself, 30-minute telephone sessions throughout a couple of weeks will have you speaking better French in no time! 


The Finest Language Schools in Brussels to Learn French


Call International

It's important that you know that French isn't just a general language. There are certain versions of the language that various areas of expertise use. And the way they use them is so distinct. you'd think they were speaking an entirely different language. Fortunately, Call International offers courses that specifically tackle those different types of French. Set along Avenue Louise, one of Belgium's neatest areas, the school is a prized institution. Whether you're a doctor who just got transferred to Brussels or you're a lawyer on a big case here, you'll learn what to say in your field when you enroll here! 


Amira Language School

Sometimes, as hard it is to admit it, you'd prefer to learn French all by yourself. Or any other language, for that matter. There's no denying that learning a different language is challenging. But when you see other students performing better than you, you're more likely to give up rather than continue to become better at it. At least, at the Amira Language School, there's little to no chance of that happening. With intimate classes and individual courses, you can learn French with little to no classmates at all. And you get to study it at your own pace too! 


Alliance Française

Since 1945, Alliance Française has been a respected institution of learning French, And in fact, it's one of the very few French-language schools in Brussels. This is sort of weird considering that French is practically (one of) their first language here. But once you realize just how well they teach the language here, you'll see why. The school is so effective at teaching French, both with their traditional approaches and modern methods, that there's practically no need for another French language school to open up in the Belgian capital. And after all, an Alliance Française certificate is practically the most prestigious of its kind out there! 


The Finest Language Schools in Brussels to Learn French


Brussels is one of the most beautiful and most important French-speaking cities in the world. It'd do you some good to learn French here. And with the amazing schools in the city, why not? You just might end up being so good at it after the end of your course! 


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