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Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know

April 26, 2021
Belgium is known for a lot of things but jewelry isn't exactly one of them. After all, the most famous jewelry brands come from the US and France. When you want to talk haute joaillerie, those from these countries are the cream of the crop. Nevertheless, there are still some jewelers in Belgium that produce quality pieces you might like. The country is famous for its artist and its prominence applies to jewelry design as it does fine arts! And among the many jewelers in the country right now, these are five you should keep your eye on!
Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know

Anna Rosa Moschouti

It's so easy to think that European jewelers are all about the classic maximalist bling. French jewelry brands alone have relied on old-school sophistication to remain relevant and after all these years. With that said, there are those who believe that your fine jewelry doesn't have to be so opulent in order to stand out. One, in particular, is Belgium's own Anna Rosa Moschouti. Her contemporary designs exemplify minimalist elegance—a chic and modern approach to haute joaillerie. Pearls and small chains are her specialties, making them a go-to for wedding jewelry fit for the big day!
Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know
Source: AR.M Facebook Page

Bequin Jewels

Tanzanite, olivine, and aquamarine—these are just some of the precious gemstones that Berquin Jewels have worked with over the years. More often than not, people wear jewelry for special occasions. And for those that do, they'd want their pieces to stand out and grab attention from a mile away! That's where this Belgian jeweler steps in! Berquin Jewels have excelled in incorporating the rarest and most precious stones available in their pieces. They shimmer unlike any other are reworked in such original ways, you find anything like them anywhere else! Flamboyancy is the name of their game!
Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know
Source: Bequin Jewels Facebook Page

Claude Wesel

Although the namesake jeweler himself has passed away in 2014, Claude Wesel's brand lives on and continues to allure customers from all around the world. During his lifetime, Wesel was a prolific jewelry designer who flourished in creating contemporary pieces with old-school materials. With gold, pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones, he created one-of-a-kind designs that captivated the world's elite. In fact, to this day, pieces from the brand continue to be displayed in various exhibitions around the world, from museums in Paris to London's art galleries and the like! Today, Wesel's daughter, Fabienne Wesel, now runs the brand.
Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Frank & Daisy

All that glitters isn't gold but for the Belgian jewelry brand, Frank & Daisy, gold is all that matters! Despite its funny name, this jewelry brand is pretty serious in running its business in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way. Many of the 14k gold they use, for instance, are mined properly without abusing miners and the environment at large. For many customers in this day and age, this sort of brand value are more than relevant. In terms of design, on the other hand, Frank & Daisy opt for simple elegance, adding a bit of shimmer without going overboard.
Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know
Source: Frank x Daisy Facebook Page/ Noémie Boone Photography

Gianfranco Bigli

Founded in 1997, Gianfranco Bigli is in the middle of it all. In every sense, it's a traditional Belgian jewelry brand that embraces luxury in all its glory. They rely on old-school craftsmanship and centuries-old techniques in producing their fine pieces. But at the same time, the brand is not afraid to venture into new and unknown territories with its designs. Timeless elegance isn't the only thing they're aiming for! At times, Gianfranco Bigli goes wild with color, geometric silhouettes, unusual patterns, and the like. They can go as avant-garde as they like as long as the quality remains high!
Five Fine Belgian Jewelry Brands You Should Know
Source: Gianfranco Bigli

Never underestimate the Belgians when it comes to fine jewelry. Although the country doesn't have brands as big as those from other countries, it still has a couple of labels that can outshine even the most famous in many ways!

In Belgium, there are countless luxury homes that can go for that have safe spaces where you can store your Belgian jewelry in safety!