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A Few Notable Schools in Philadelphia

April 09, 2021
You can say that Philadelphia is a pretty 'complete' city. It has everything a family needs to maintain a standard and peaceful lifestyle. There are hospitals to take care of the sick, museums and libraries to help people study and research, malls and other commercial centers for entertainment, and the like. And for the young ones, there are schools that allow them to pursue/continue all sorts of studies. After all, the USA is the land of opportunities and possibilities, right? It's only natural that one of the country's most famous cities has a ton of educational institutions to help make students' dreams come true!
A Few Notable Schools in Philadelphia

University of Pennsylvania

You've probably already heard of the University of Pennsylvania. Not only is it the most prestigious university in the state, but it's also one of the most well-respected academic institutions in the entire country. It has shelled out graduates such as Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Andrea Mitchell, John Legend, and more. They alone are proof of just how capable this university in honing people's talents and skills to help them reach their full potential. With a myriad of major courses and minor programs on offer, as well as an excellent hospital for its med students, even your kids can grow up to change the world if they enroll here for college!

Julia R. Masterman Secondary School

To say that Julia R. Masterman Secondary School is one of the finest high schools in Philadelphia, possibly in the entire state of Pennsylvania, is an understatement. It's a magnet school located in Spring Garden, one of the more peaceful neighborhoods in the city. Because of this, the academic level here is particularly high, regarded as a famous stepping stone to getting into the Ivy League schools in the country. With a capable staff of acclaimed professors, facilities to aid in their studies, and ample amounts of resources, your own children can reach new scholastic heights here in this school!

A Few Notable Schools in Philadelphia

Central High School

Don't think that just because Philadelphia's Central High School is a public school that it's any way less than private or international educational institutions. On the contrary, not only is it the second-oldest public high school in the entire country, but it's also the only one that grants Bachelor of Arts degrees to its students upon graduation. Thanks to this, graduates from this school are regarded at the same level as college and university graduates. It automatically allows the former to apply for jobs the moment they graduate high school. That alone should prove its prominence and prestige as an educational institution.

Penn Alexander School

Just how well-respected Penn Alexander School is in Philadelphia? US Department of Education named it a National Blue Ribbon School back in 2016. This sort of title is only given to exemplary public and private educational institutions recognized by National Government. Moreover, the school itself is well-known for its exceptional devotion to academics. Students work hard to reach their scholastic goals, with many of them graduating and getting into some of the best universities in the country. Not to mention the peaceful and open environment Penn Alexander School has cultivated for its students over the years!

A Few Notable Schools in Philadelphia

Greenberg Joseph School

Philadelphia's Greenberg Joseph School is one of those educational institutions that continue to impress as time goes by. Is it the most respectable school in the city? No, it's far from it. But it's no way any less than the other places on this list! According to GreatSchools.org, Greenberg Joseph School has consistently progressed over the years. It currently scored 9 out of 10 when it comes to student progress and 7 out of 10 when it comes to promising test scores. It's not farfetched to expect that, someday, this school will become one of the top public schools in the city.

French International School of Philadelphia

One of the few notable international schools in the city, the French International School of Philadelphia aims to teach students the value of thinking and learning beyond borders. As you'd expect in such an institution, they teach in bilingual classes, putting as much emphasis on the French language as well as on American English. Yet even with the differences in language, the goal remains the same: academic excellence of international caliber. The school aims to hone its students' skills and abilities and prepare them for the global stage. It's not impossible to expect that some of them will grow up to be world leaders, especially among French-speaking countries!

A Few Notable Schools in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is far from the smartest city in the world, let alone the most intelligent place in the US. However, the schools here can easily prove that the academic levels and scholastic excellence here are off the charts!

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