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The Most Prominent Hospitals in Philadelphia

April 09, 2021
With a city as big and busy as Philadelphia, the hospitals here deserve a round of applause! It's simply hard to imagine how the medical centers in this city can treat and take care of so many people. There are over five million residents in Philadelphia right now and yet there's only about a handful of hospitals that people really rely on. These are the ones they rush to when they're in need of some medical attention or urgent care. Not to mention proper treatment for any serious illness or ailment they may have. Here are some of them that you need to know!
The Most Prominent Hospitals in Philadelphia

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

There's a reason US News ranked Penn Presbyterian Medical Center as the number one finest hospital in Philadelphia. Actually, there are a couple! There's the fact that this health institution has the best track record when it comes to successfully recovering among all the medical centers in the city. And the fact that this place created one of the first coronary care units in the entire country. As well as the fact that it makes use of cutting-edge technology, ranging from robotic-assisted surgeries to efficient online services. No wonder most Philadelphians rely on Penn Presbyterian Medical Center to properly take care of them!

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

It's no secret that the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is not only the best university in the state but also one of the most prominent in the entire country. So it also makes sense that its affiliate hospital is also well-regarded in the city. Don't think that just because the place is a teaching hospital that it lacks experience and expertise. On the contrary, the staff and faculty that run it are some of the best professionals in the medical world. And since the hospital also undertakes various researches, it's become a leading provider of American healthcare in Philadelphia!

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Philadelphia

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

The Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia is one of those hospitals that you rely on when you have a serious condition. Specifically, one that concerns your heart! The cardiac ICU in this hospital is one of, if not the best in the entire city. No matter what's going on with your cardiac system, the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital will ensure that you get proper care and the right treatment. It also helps that the hospital excels in surgeries too, both big and small. Add to that its shuttle service where it can pick you up in certain locations (sort of like its own public transport system), and you've got a winner!

Christiana Care Hospital

The Christiana Care Hospital in Philadephia specializes in so many medical areas you almost don't know where to start! Their most unique one is definitely their excellent Alzheimer's care! The place has an entire department dedicated to patients who have the disease, offering both treatments and therapies to help them recover. There's also their oncology department, touching on different types of cancer ranging from breast to lung and everything in between. As well as the research facility that seeks to find new cures or treatments that can help patients be cancer-free. Simply put, there's no way you won't recover in Christiana Care Hospital!

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Hospital

The first hospital in the US, Pennsylvania Hospital has been a go-to medical center for all sorts of patients for over two centuries. The fact that it still stands and continues to help patients recover to this very day is already an admirable feat. But it's also the fact that this hospital is able to adapt to the times and incorporate new treatments, medical technology, and the like that makes it so reliable. Despite its longevity, Pennsylvania Hospital remains on top of the medical world. It's well-equipped with cutting-edge medical technology, staffed with prominent health experts and professionals, as well as offering medical attention in different languages too!

Chester County Hospital

With 250,000 square meters overall, the Chester County Hospital is the largest hospital in Philadelphia. Possibly the biggest in the entire state of Pennsylvania as well! And don't think that all those square meters are filled with nothing but extra rooms! Far from it! The hospital boasts a bevy of advanced medical departments that lets it keep updated with the medical world. Its comprehensive Penn Heart and Vascular Center, for instance, has made the hospital a healthcare hotspot for people with heart disease and the like. The Abramson Cancer Center, on the other hand, ensures cancer patients get the best treatments they need and deserve!

Lankenau Medical Center

Finally, there's the Lankenau Medical Center. Though it's not the most famous hospital in Philadelphia, it has and can keep up with the rest of the places on this list. It helps that the medical center offers one of the leading emergency care units in the city. No matter which district of Philadelphia you are in, the moment you call 911, the Lankenau Medical Center becomes one of the top choices to rush you to! They offer urgent care like no one's business, complete with competent staff and clean and sanitized emergency rooms! What's not to like?

The Most Prominent Hospitals in Philadelphia

If there's one thing Philadelphia can brag to the entire country or even the entire world, it's the hospitals here! To say that the medical centers in this city are capable and competent is an understatement! They're some of the best in the US!

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