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Where Your Kids Can Study in Tallinn

April 07, 2021
Moving to Tallinn with your entire family? I can get nerve-wracking, right? You're starting over in a different city that, even though you may have visited before, is completely different as a new home. Moreover, apart from your, your kids will also start from scratch. Most especially when it comes to their education. And what if you came from a mother country? Or your kids can't speak Estonian? How will they be able to continue their studies then? Not to worry! Tallinn has its own fair share of international schools that welcome foreign students from around the world.
Where Your Kids Can Study in Tallinn

International School of Tallinn

From its name alone, you can already get a good sense of just how global the International School of Tallinn is. Offering education to students aged 3 to 19, this is a place where your little ones can grow, develop, and of course, learn! Even better is that they offer International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum here so you know that the quality of education is high. From pre-school to high school, the International School of Tallinn embraces a student's uniqueness and individuality, offering up countless extracurricular activities that can help them reach their full potential.

International School of Estonia

Yes, the International School of Estonia is different from the International School of Tallinn. Although both schools cater to students aged 3 to 19, the former is more focused on getting their kids to the top. And by 'the top,' this means the finest universities both in Estonia and around the world. From the famous Ivy League schools in the US to London's top universities, the International School of Estonia aims to groom its students to someday pass and get into these well-respected institutions. Their strong focus on academics results in the children's scholastic excellence, further proving why this school is internationally accredited.

Where Your Kids Can Study in Tallinn

International Kindergarten OÜ

Who says a kid can't become cosmopolitan at an early age? And no, he/she doesn't have to travel around the world to do that! Here in Tallinn, all a kid has to do is to enroll in the International Kindergarten OÜ and he/she can happily get used to the ways of the world. Who knows what kinds of exciting kids your little one will meet in this prominent kindergarten in the Estonian capital? Not to mention the fact that they all get to learn proper education in English, helping them get used to the universal language as early as possible!

Tallinn European School

Offering nursery, primary, and secondary education, the Tallinn European School is yet another educational institution where you kids can grow up and develop the right way. But compared to the other schools on this list, this one is more geared towards European education, not just English for the sake of American or British learning. In fact, since this school offers a European Baccalaureate program, it can serve as a stepping stone for students to get into the finest universities in the continent. Not to mention learn different languages too, which is always a huge plus!

Where Your Kids Can Study in Tallinn

Tallinn Secondary School of Science

You can probably already tell from its name what the focus of Tallinn Secondary School of Science is. Offering up special courses that focus on biology, chemistry, physics, and more, this a specialty school reserved for kids who love science. It's perfect for those who are curious, always looking for answers, and want to discover more about the world and possibly even the universe too! Who knows, because of this place, perhaps your little one can grow up to become a professor? Or how about an astronaut? Maybe even a professional healthcare worker one some of Tallinn's finest hospitals? The possibilities are endless!

Estonian Business School

The only higher educational institution on this list, the Estonian Business School the university to go to if your kids (or maybe even you too!) want to rise up the corporate ladder! With so many majors ranging from world economics to entrepreneurship 101, students of this school can easily enter the business world the moment they graduate. It's also the type of school where its graduates can easily find a job or start their own companies in Tallinn and abroad. That's how high-quality of an education they offer here! And if you're looking to start your own graduate studies, why not this school?

Where Your Kids Can Study in Tallinn

Tallinn may not be high up on the list of the smartest cities in the world, but if these international schools have anything to say about it, it would be! After all, these well-respected institutions are the best places where both local and foreign students alike can excel in their studies!