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Tallinn's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

April 02, 2021
A city is only as good as its hospitals. When a city has enough places to ensure that people keep healthy, get treated for all sorts of health problems, and fully recover, that's when you know it's a destination worth going to. Here in Tallinn, you have nothing to worry about! The Estonian capital has more than its fair share of hospitals, medical centers, and clinics to ensure that whatever happens to the people here, they can still recover! No matter what illness or ailment they have. Here are some you ought to know about!
Tallinn's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

East Tallinn Central Hospital

Arguably, out of all the hospitals on this list, the East Tallinn Central Hospital is the most famous. A central institution that provides Estonian healthcare and other treatments, it's where most of Tallin rely on to keep them healthy or help them recover. It's particularly noteworthy for its oncology department. No matter what type of cancer you're suffering from, with the help of health experts and medical professionals that make up its staff, you'll get treated properly here. It also helps that the hospital has a good track record of cancer survivors over the years!

West Tallinn Central Hospital

On the other hand, the West Tallinn Central Hospital offers a variety of specialists for all sorts of medical needs. Its most major role in the city is that of a central rehabilitation center for folks recovering from various illnesses. Within their clean and sanitized facilities, patients get to recover until their 100% cured. At the same time, the hospital is also known for its advanced dental department, becoming the go-to institution in Tallinn for all sorts of dental needs. And it doesn't hurt that the place itself is easy to get via public transport.

Tallinn's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

Tallinn Children's Hospital

True to its name, the Tallinn Children's Hospital is the most suitable place to rush your little ones to when they're in need of medical attention. The pediatrics department here is arguably the best in the city. Its staff of medical professionals are particularly adept at handling infants and children. And no matter what illness your kid is facing now, rest assured, he/she has the best chance of recovering at this hospital. Clean, sanitized, and even comes with its own play areas, there's no other place more fitted for your child than here!

KSA Silmakeskuse

KSA Silmakeskuse has the distinction of being the top eye clinic in Estonia. And its branch in Tallinn, the country's capital, is no different. Here is where you'd want to go if you have any sort of eye problem. Opthalmology is the name of the game here. Equipped with the latest medical technology that can cure any eye sickness, you'll have better chances to gain 20/20 vision here than in any other hospital on this list. Furthermore, their selection of glasses is also top-notch, particularly its affiliate eyewear brands. Before you know it, you'll be looking at Tallinn with fresh new eyes!

Tallinn's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

Wismari Hospital

Let's face it: because it's not a direct physical health problem, mental health is often regarded as less important than other illnesses. That's why Wismari Hospital in Tallinn is so important. As the top psychiatric institution, both in the Estonian capital and in the world, this is the best place for people with mental illness to get treated and recover. Don't worry, the staff here are prepared and well-equipped with taking care of these sorts of patients. They have the right knowledge and patience to be able to handle them with care.

Keskhaigla Sünnitusmaja

For pregnant women, finding an OB-GYN and a hospital to take care of their deliveries is pretty nerve-wracking. But in Tallinn, the best choice is really Keskhaigla Sünnitusmaja! One of the finest women's and children's hospitals in the city, it's the perfect place for expecting mothers to give birth and bring their little ones to during their early years. The hospital's maternity ward is well-equipped with the latest medical technology to ensure that every delivery is safe for both the mother and child. And from infancy to early childhood, the institution's pediatrics department will take care of your kids with no problem at all!

Tallinn's Most Prominent Hospitals & Clinics

Tallinn's hospitals and clinics are far from the most famous in the world but they still get the job done. It's because of them that the Estonian capital remains one of the safest and healthiest cities in the world!