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Working in Estonia: How To Get A Job Here

March 31, 2021
Let's face it, finding work is one of the most nerve-wracking things to do. You look for potential positions, learn all about the company your applying to, and go through an arduous process of interviews, tests, and so on. It can get overwhelming at times, right? Even in a country like Estonia, which is neither a financial nor business hub, the process of finding a job can take its toll on you. But that's not to say it's difficult to do. In fact, there are many ways of getting work here. You just have to pick which one suits you best!
Working in Estonia: How To Get A Job Here

Getting Help From EURES

Ever since Estonia became an independent country in 1991, it's been part of the European Union. That's why, if you're coming from a fellow member-state, you can simply rely on the EURES to help you find a job in Estonia. This online portal helps EU citizens find jobs throughout the continent. With over 1,000 advisers ready to help and guide the unemployed, it's virtually impossible not to find at least one good job opportunity for you through here. just make sure you have all the necessary documents and undergo the important hiring and relocation processes.

Relying On Your Network in Estonia

You may not know this but Estonians actually rely on each other a lot. It may seem like people here tend to be cold and min their own business, but that couldn't be farther from the truth! In fact, a common way to find work here is to rely on your own personal network. If there's anyone in the country, most especially the locals, that you know can get you decent work, don't afraid to ask. That's what it's important to make acquaintances the moment you step for in the country. You never know who among the people can help you find the right job!

Working in Estonia: How To Get A Job Here

Go On Social Media

If you think social media is all about having fun and making new friends online, that's only part of it. You can actually find work through this medium as well. Most especially on Facebook! On this platform, there are tons of Facebook groups devoted to finding work in Estonia, most especially for expats. Expat Jobs in Tallinn and Expats in Tallinn, Estonia are just some of them. Through the help of both locals and foreign residents alike, you can see open job listings, get connected with local companies, and even get some freelance work if you want!

Logging Into Job-Seeking Websites

When you learn all about Estonia's job market, you'll also find out that the country has a strong presence in the digital landscape. Because of that, searching for jobs online has become the norm. There are various job-seeking websites and online job portals you can log into when finding work in Estonia. There's Work in Estonia, LinkedIn, Indeed, and more! All you have to do is create your own account, put in your job preferences, upload your CV, and apply to job listings that pique your interest. That's all there is to it!

Working in Estonia: How To Get A Job Here

Enlisting Help From A Recruitment Agency

Not many people outside of the country know this but recruitment agencies are very popular in Estonia. Enlisting help from them is one of the go-to ways people find work here. The process is straightforward and simple: you register with an agency, share your personal details, academic background, and employment history, and they'll find the most suitable jobs for you. More often than not, many succeed in pairing a worker with the right position, the right company, or both. Some of the popular ones include Arista HRS, Ancor Estonia, Manpower, and more.

Reading Trustworthy Newspapers

Finally, when all else fails, you can always go back to the classifieds in Estonian newspapers. Popular local publications like Postimees and Eesti Päevaleht continue to publish thousands of new and available job listings daily. In fact, some of them might even the same as what you find in job-seeking sites and recruitment agencies. It's just that you may have better luck applying from through this medium than the others. Rest assured, this as well as the other options on this list have proven to be effective for countless people in Estonia.

Working in Estonia: How To Get A Job Here

Everyone needs to find work, even those living in Estonia! It's a good thing that in this country, there are many ways to seek employment. From looking online to going to a recruitment agency, all you really need is faith and luck to be on your side!